Spare parts by CUTMETALL

As an operator of a Zeno shredder or granulator, you can obtain a wide range of suitable CUTMETALL spare parts such as rotor knives, stator knives, counter knives, sieve plates and other spare parts and wearing parts suitable for the following Zeno model series, among others:

  • Zeno ZTLL

  • Zeno ZSM

  • Zeno ZDV

  • Zeno Z

  • Zeno ZZM

» Further information about the manufacturer Zeno can be found below.

Who is Zeno

Zeno-Zerkleinerungsmaschinenbau Norken GmbH is a family-run company that manufactures recycling and processing plants as well as shredding and sorting machines. Whether for the processing of household and industrial waste, for the treatment of waste wood and substitute fuels or for the recycling of plastics: the recycling plants of Zeno GmbH are suitable for all input materials and thus also for different areas of the recycling industry.

Zeno GmbH was founded in 1978 in Norken in the Westerwald. The company headquarters are still located there. In the meantime, the factory premises in Norken include not only the production facilities, but also the company's own technical centre and a large exhibition area. Zeno Zerkleinerungsmaschinenbau Norken specialises, as the name suggests, in the manufacture of shredding machines. However, the company also offers combination solutions that include, for example, the conveying, dosing and sorting of the respective materials. The systems are always adapted to the input material and the customer's particular project.

Shredding solutions from Zeno

From universally applicable low-speed shredders and robust primary shredders for a wide range of materials to secondary shredding with granulators and hammer mills - Zeno offers its customers the right solution for every shredding task.


With the ZTLL shredder, Zeno has created a true all-rounder: It is suitable for shredding materials of almost any kind, such as wood, plastics, composites and waste. Even under the toughest conditions - because the ZENO shredder type ZTLL is extremely robust and reliably built.

Thanks to many design details and optional equipment, the ZTLL is the leading universal shredder. Worthy of special mention are the torque monitoring and the counter-knife folding device for machine protection against foreign bodies, the contaminant ejection via hydraulic screen drawers and the cutting gap adjustment for economical shredding.

The advantages

  • Solid steel rotor, steel bearing housing and sturdy machine frame with high dead weight for low-noise shredding and smooth running of the machine
  • Reusable cutting plates on positive-locking tool holders
  • Load-dependent material feed by means of a hydraulic pusher
  • externally adjustable counter-knife for wear compensation and for consistently high quality and throughput
  • Large screen surface for high throughput
  • Hydraulic screens for rejecting impurities and for quick screen changes
  • certified models according to DIN 66399-2 for the destruction of files and data media
  • Optionally available equipment, e.g. profiled pusher bottom, roll stop, water spraying, tipping device for panels and long materials
  • Material discharge by means of conveyor belt, trough chain conveyor, screw conveyor or suction system


The ZSM granulator was developed for companies that want to recycle and regranulate plastics efficiently. The core of the symmetrically designed machine is a rotor with cutting bars, which is suitable for the regrinding of plastics, especially films. The granulator is operated alternately in both directions of rotation. Size reduction takes place on two counter-knives which can be readjusted to compensate for wear.

Due to the special cutting geometry, the cutting edge that is not active in each case is automatically sharpened - this eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming removal and resharpening of the cutting bars. The two hydraulically pre-tensioned counter-blade crossbars are each equipped with two counter-blades and are automatically swivelled in according to the direction of rotation. If the set torque is exceeded by an interfering material, the counter-knives can swivel out of the way and thus protect the tools from damage.

The advantages

  • The symmetrical machine design allows operation in both directions of rotation
  • Four hydraulically pre-tensioned counter-knives with cutting gap adjustment and folding device, two for each running direction in operation
  • No need for manual resharpening of the cutting bars
  • Hydraulically pre-tensioned sieve interlock for protection against impurities
  • Hydraulic sieve drawers with large sieve surface for high throughput and quick, easy cleaning and replacement
  • Hydraulic bonnet opening


The ZDV double roll primary crusher is particularly suitable for the primary crushing of waste wood, pallets and bulky waste. The machine is equipped with two counter-rotating solid steel rotors and is available with various tool systems: These are solid, dual-use shredding tools or cutting plates on tool holders positively inserted into the rotor.

The cutting geometry and the low speed of the slow-running shredding system ensure low-noise shredding with low dust emissions and extremely effective exposure of the impurities (e.g. metals) contained in the material. This enables very good FE/NE separation and heavy material separation in the subsequent process.

Depending on the application, we supply the double roll primary crusher stationary, semi-mobile on a container base frame (hydraulic or electric) or mobile on a trailer or crawler chassis.

The advantages
  • Machine frame made of robust welded construction
  • 2 solid steel rotors with reusable crushing tools
  • Bearing of the rotor shafts with spherical roller bearings in heavy steel pedestal bearing housings
  • Hydraulically opening screens for rejecting contaminants
  • Inductive torque cut-off in case of overload
  • stationary, semi-mobile or mobile versions


The ZEZ single-shaft shredder is ideally suited for shredding a wide variety of materials such as waste wood, commercial waste and municipal waste. It is used with different screen and tool configurations as a pre- or post-shredder, especially in waste and refuse-derived fuel processing.

Thanks to the cutting gap adjustment as well as the hydraulic contaminant ejection, the ZEZ shreds even difficult materials such as mattresses, big bags and tyres without any problems - maximum availability guaranteed. The compactly built machine is characterised by quiet operation and particularly low power requirements combined with high throughput.

The advantages
  • Machine frame of robust welded construction
  • Solid steel rotor with multi-use cutting tools on screw-in tool holders
  • Hydraulic, concave slide for load-dependent material feed
  • Cutting gap adjustment for consistently high throughput rate
  • Hydraulically extendable screen for rejecting impurities and for quick screen changes
  • Heavy-duty gear drive with automatic overload torque cut-out
  • available gearless with power belt transmission, especially for secondary crushing


The hammer mills of the ZHM series are ideally suited for the size reduction of pre-crushed recycled wood, for the production and further processing of wood chips, for chip breaking and for the secondary crushing of various materials. The hammer mill chip is very popular as firewood chip and industrial chip for wood materials, as all metals are exposed during the shredding process and the chips produced are very homogeneous.

Thanks to the patented design of the quadruple-use tool system (Quadro), the ZENO hammer mill operates extremely economically with lower tool costs than other hammer mills. The machine is operated in two directions of rotation, so that there is even wear on both sides of the comminution tools. When the cutting edges are worn, the tools are removed, shortened and fixed in an outer flight circle of the rotor. Now the same tools can be used again in both directions of rotation.

The advantages
  • Symmetrical machine design allows operation in both directions of rotation, thus equal wear of the shredding tools on both sides
  • Two beater flight circles for twice the tool life - four times the tool life in total
  • Shredding on counter-knives that can be adjusted from the outside, the screens are protected from wear and tear
  • Large screen surface for high throughput and low energy consumption
  • Hydraulically extendable screen drawers & hydraulic bonnet opening for easy and quick maintenance work


The ZNZGV granulator is used for the secondary shredding of plastics. It is equipped with a rotor in closed design, which accommodates between 8 and 12 knife bars depending on the machine size, as well as two counter-knives, which have a mechanical cutting gap adjustment. Due to the closed design of the rotor, only low air turbulence is generated in the machine despite the high speed of the high-speed rotor, which significantly increases energy efficiency. The centrifugal wedge blade attachment enables the cutting tools to be removed and installed quickly for sharpening or replacement, thus increasing the availability of the machine.

Material is fed via a load-controlled screw hopper, which ensures a uniformly high utilisation of the machine and avoids power peaks.

The advantages
  • Rotor with knife bars that shred the material on two counter-knives
  • Closed rotor design for low air turbulence
  • Mechanical cutting gap adjustment for long blade life
  • Easily accessible machine housing and hydraulically hinged bonnet for good accessibility, high availability and low maintenance costs
  • Load-dependent material feed via screw feed hopper ensures high utilisation and prevents power peaks


The slow-running ZMTHL horizontal roller shredder is used for shredding long materials. The heavy solid steel rotor, the stable machine frame and the high dead weight of the machine ensure low-noise shredding and smooth running even with materials of high strength.

Depending on requirements, the rotor is equipped with four-way shredding tools that are seated directly in the rotor with a positive fit, or with cutting plates on tool holders that are screwed into the rotor with a positive fit. The chip size can be easily changed by changing the screen used.

The feed is regulated by an electronic load-dependent control system using feed chutes or conveyor belts. The shredded material can be discharged pneumatically or mechanically.


Drum chippers of the ZTH series are used to produce uniform chips from logs or slab bunches. The solid centrifugal wedge knife mounting, in conjunction with the extremely robust rotor, is insensitive to knife damage - while keeping tool change times to a minimum. The cutting knives are easily accessible and can be resharpened.

The material is fed horizontally via infeed rollers, which are attached to a rocker arm and adjust in height to the material thickness. The material is usually fed to the machine via a vibrating chute or a conveyor belt.

The drum chippers of the ZTH series are offered for infeed heights from 85 mm to the processing of material diameters up to 1,200 mm in different series with machine weights up to 60 t and in many motorisation strengths.

Equipment and accessories such as cutting gap adjustment, hydraulic bonnet opening and hydraulic counter-knife changing device are also available for ZENO drum chippers.


The advantages

  • The extremely robust machine stand with its high dead weight ensures smooth running of the machine
  • Centrifugal wedge knife attachment for short tool change times
  • Optional adjustable counter-knife to extend the knife service life
  • Hydraulic bonnet opening for easy and quick maintenance work


The cutting unit of the ZRS rotor shear consists of a stable frame construction and two counter-rotating knife shafts. The cutter shafts rotate at a low speed so that the material fed in is well gripped and cut into small pieces.

The tool holders on the two rotors are identical in design. These can be equipped with cutting tools or bars, which makes the cutting pattern adaptable. The cutters and bars are screwed onto the rotor, which eliminates the need to remove the rotor shafts when changing tools and avoids long downtimes and thus production losses.

The advantages
  • Cutting unit with two slow-running, counter-rotating cutter shafts
  • Holders on the rotor can be fitted with cutting tools or bars as required for a customized cutting pattern
  • Bolted-on tools allow knife changes without removing the rotor


Regardless of whether you are recycling plastic and paper reels for material, raw material or energy recovery: with the ZRSM reel slitter, ZENO provides you with a high-performance machine. The slitter rewinder is particularly suitable for pre-shredding and removing cores, as well as for the pulpable preparation of residual paper rolls and for slitting residual film rolls. The machine is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable cutting table, which allows easy insertion of the roll.

In the standard delivery programme, we supply the slitter rewinder with a cutting length of up to 2,500 mm and a maximum cutting diameter of 1,800 mm. Individual sizes are available on request.


The bag opening and dosing unit ZSA for the fully automatic opening and dosing of valve bags, "yellow bags" and bag-in-bag fractions has a hopper at the bottom of which a chain conveyor transports the filling material to the dosing drum and the opening unit located above it. The metering drum is equipped with axially movable ripping pins that transport the sacks upwards and at the same time effectively prevent long, flexible materials such as belts from winding or getting stuck.

Above the metering drum there are hydraulically pre-tensioned opening arms which open the incoming sacks and deflect them if they are hit by larger foreign bodies to prevent damage. If the opening arms are folded out or in the version without the opening unit, the ZSA can also be used as a pure metering unit.

The advantages

  • Hopper with chain conveyor, the size of which is designed according to requirements
  • Dosing drum with axially movable ripping nails guides sacks to the opening unit and prevents winding of belts etc.
  • Hydraulically pre-tensioned opening arms deflect large interfering materials
  • Drive controlled by frequency converter
  • Working width from 1,000 to 2,000 mm

How you benefit from Spare parts by CUTMETALL

CUTMETALL products: More than a spare part! Tuning for your machine!

Our spare parts and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items (original parts of the machine manufacturers) but rather process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.

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