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Who is Mahltechnik Görgens GmbH

Since its founding in 1985, Mahltechnik Görgens GmbH, based in Dormagen, Germany, has continued to develop in line with the ever-increasing demands of the international markets. The company has an appropriately well-equipped technical test station to simulate the different tasks for the design of large-scale production devices for ambient and cryogenic grinding and simultaneous grinding and drying.

With its TurboRotor-Milling and Drying Systems, Görgens support both users in the food and chemical industry. TurboRotor-Milling and Drying Systems are used for the production of final and intermediate products, as well as for processing of homogeneous production waste that get part of the final or intermediate product with high added value after being worked up.

The functional principle of micronisation is based on a high air throughput. Inside the grinding area, the powerful air-stream builds up tremendous turbulences creating micro-air-whirls in which both direction and speed of the particles are changed in extremely short intervals. This increases the likely hood of two or more particles splitting by mutual impact. As long as the particles are in the TurboRotor, they are constantly kept suspended in the air-stream.

Due to the special advantages of its grinding principle, the TurboRotor is predestined for easy grinding of temperature-sensitive materials or such with a low melting respectively softening point. Moreover, products of a pasty consistency or products which tend to smear or to stick and also those with a high fat content can be processed to a free-flowing powder.

If necessay the feed material is to be prechopped. The mill is designed for a continous operation.Since the installation is constantly held below atmospheric pressure, no dust will escape from the machine during the grinding procedure.

Because of the high air-throughput, the TurboRotor represents the outstanding solution regarding simultaneous grinding and drying. Combined with a heat-generator for heating up the air, the TurboRotor can be used for drying without any constructional changes. As the drying is accompanied by simultaneous grinding, the surface of the single particle to be dried is quickly expanded in order to vaporise moisture within the core of the particle.


Micronising • Mixing • Drying


especially of crystalline materials like minerals, pigments, carbon, paint, sulphur, sugar as well as fibrous materials such as cellulose and its various derivates, biomasses, bran and husk of various cereals, saw dust and others are micronised down to the micron range.

Grinding of heat-sensitive products

These include thermoplastics, elastic products such as rubber, caoutchouc, waxes, stearates, soaps, fatty products, as well as those that are doughy, pasty or hygroscopic at room temperature or tend to smear and cake. In addition, moist production waste and, finally, a variety of natural products with a fibrous structure. Even with materials that are difficult to process, the Görgens Turborotor system produces a fine, free-flowing powder without the need for auxiliary equipment.

Simultaneous grinding and drying

In combination with a heat generator for heating the process air, the TurboRotor can be used as a dryer without any structural modifications. Since grinding takes place at the same time as drying, the product undergoes rapid surface enlargement, so that even moisture deep in the grain reaches the particle surface as grinding progresses, where it can be easily evaporated. Food products such as proteins, starches, starch derivatives and other heat-sensitive products can be gently mill-dried at low air exit temperatures without damaging their vitality.

Simultaneous grinding and spray drying

Preferably in the food industry, a large number of plants with evaporation capacities of up to 2.5 t of water per hour are in operation and produce dry wheat protein.Mineral suspensions as well as those from the pigment and chemical industry (latex) are processed on our plants without agglomerates.

Selective grinding

This refers to mixtures of materials in which one fraction can be ground considerably finer than the other in order to separate them later. These include aluminum compound foil, electronic scrap, stranded cable, and a variety of metal and plastic and/or paper compounds. Görgens supplies equipment for almost complete separation of two or more fractions. The same is true for the processing of herbs and spices.

Grinding, mixing or coating

Food products (chocolate mass) and products from the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries are treated. In addition, finely ground minerals are coated with stearates or organic products from the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are coated with hydrogenated fats or waxes.

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