CM Shredders

Spare parts from CUTMETALL

Our range of spare parts for your CM shredder includes rotor knives and counter knives suitable for these Columbus McKinnon model series, among others:

  • Columbus McKinnon CM Liberator series

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Who is CM Industrial Shredders

For more than 35 years CM Shredders has been designing and manufacturing industrial shredding and recycling systems that are among the leading solutions worldwide.

CM Shredders has long been recognised as a pioneer of groundbreaking technologies and innovations that point the way to the future. CM's shredders and recycling systems are in operation on five continents, in more than 28 countries and at hundreds of locations. CM Shredders' products process over half a billion scrap tyres each year worldwide in the disposal of used tyres.

CM Shredders uses a state-of-the-art, patented knife technology that has been tested and perfected in the demanding tyre processing industry. In practice, CM Shredders' shredders and recycling systems have long enjoyed the reputation of being among the most durable, reliable and advanced offerings in the industry.

CM Shredders has developed a comprehensive portfolio of turnkey solutions for the tyre recycling industry, including the following components:
  • CM primary shredders shred whole tyres into large pieces for disposal or further processing into Tire Derived Aggregates (TDA).
  • CM shredders are available in mobile and stationary configurations and produce cleanly cut chips.
  • CM Chip Shredders offer solutions for the mass production of tyre chips of specific sizes.
  • The CM Disc screen is used to classify tyre shreds, chips and other bulk materials.
  • CM Liberator ™ -systems make it possible to separate the wire from the rubber as well as the fibres in tyres.
  • The CM Zero Waste System filters and separates mixed steel and rubber remaining after the Liberator.
  • CM granulators use the V-Force blade technology to reduce the material size and release fibres.
  • The CM Dual Drive ™ cracker mill sets the standard for high performance fine grinding systems.
  • TDF & Crumb Rubber CM Shredders develops and manufactures various tyre shredding systems for rubber granulate feedstock
  • Freeing and recovering steel is the ultimate technology for tyre wire separation.
  • Granulation and fibre removal CM granulators use V-Force blade technology to further reduce material size and release fibres.

At the end of 2018, CM Shredders was integrated into the Bengal Machinery Group, which also includes sister company Schutte Hammermill. The New York based manufacturer has developed a comprehensive range of shredders that provide uniform and accurate particle size.

CM Shredders and Schutte Hammermill together have more than 125 years of experience in shredding and offer turnkey solutions for all market segments.

CM Shredders recognised the value of the "Holman patent" early on. The patented shredding knife system produces extremely tight knife tolerances. This system enables disposal companies to produce high-quality tyre chips with very low levels of exposed steel. CH Shredders bought the patent and combined it with a highly efficient patented screening system. The combination produces clean cut chips of consistent size. This novel technology contributed significantly to the further development of the markets for fuels and aggregates from scrap tyres.

CM Shredders also developed the patented Columbus McKinnon CM Liberator. This highly developed system frees tyre wire from the rubber. Because CM Shredders knew: clean steel can be sold to steel mills to generate additional revenue and avoid costly disposal fees.

Disposal companies looking to maximise their profits can further screen and separate the steel and rubber produced in the tyre recycling process by connecting a steel recovery system to the Liberator. The material value is significantly increased by this Zero Waste System. To recover the steel and rubber without losses, the system uses a special screen in combination with magnetic separators.

With the recent expansion of the Dual Drive Crackermill, CM has added the milling and milling components to its range. This technology enables the recyclers to remove the remaining nylon fibres from the rubber fraction and reduce the rubber granulate to powders that are used in a wide range of applications, for example in rubberized asphalt for roads.

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Our spare parts and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items (original parts of the machine manufacturers) but rather process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.

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