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In this section, you will find our perfectly fitting spare parts and wearing parts for various STF shredders, e.g. the..:

  • STF KSM 800/1530

» Further information about the manufacturer STF you can find below.

Who is STF?

The STF Group, headquartered in Aicha vorm Wald, Germany, is a global recycling company that has been at the forefront of the market for decades. The group sees itself as both a plastics recycler and a provider of recycling equipment at the highest level.
The company was founded in 1980 as STF Thermo-Folien GmbH by Josef Söllner. Three years later, STF Recycling GmbH was added, a recycler of plastic waste from industry and households. In 1997, STF Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH started its business activities. The manufacturer of heavy and special machinery builds, among other things, plastic processing plants. In 2006, ZWS Recycling GmbH was added, which recycles PS and PE plastic waste. And since 2017, STF Plastic Recycling CZ s.r.o., based in Pilsen, Czech Republic, has been part of the corporate group. It recycles PET bottles and has been operating under the name UCY Polymers CZ s.r.o. since 2021.
As a recycling company, the group returns used plastic to a regenerative cycle. When the PET bottle was introduced, the group developed solutions to recycle it and produce PET flakes from it. As a pioneer of closed-loop systems, it has been producing high-quality and pure granulates that meet all EFSA requirements since 2008. Every year, it processes more than 150,000 tonnes of PET bottles into high-purity regrinds such as flakes and granulates. The pure products are a sought-after raw material worldwide, among others for the food industry.
As a plant manufacturer, the group sets trends in plastics recycling with its many years of know-how. It offers its customers individual, effective and environmentally friendly solutions for their plastic streams.

Plastics Recycling Machinery
STF offers profile solutions in the construction of turnkey recycling plants, equips customers with everything they need for plastics recycling and is an expert in all plastic streams that arise in everyday life.

Bale Breaker / Shredder
The bale Breaker / shredder has been designed for loosening heavy compacted bales or briquettes of port-consumer plastics, e.g. bottles or other units as well as shredding of these materials.

After removing the packaging wire, the bales are transported into the storage funnel. A hydraulic arm pushes the material to a rotor equipped with knives. Depending on the execution the bales are going to be loosend to single units or in case of a screen cut to smaller pieces. The following dosing screw transports the material continuously and evenly. The transport can be done over conveyor belts, screw conveyors etc.
The bale breaker / shredder is a multi-purpose machine for several applications. In any case the strong hydraulic arm is feeding the material evenly to the rotor, which opens the bales / briquettes or cuts bigger pieces (foil/bag).

  • Solid welding construction with inspection doors for rotor and screen.
  • Combined gearbox-motor-belt to prevent forces from harming the gearbox.
  • Different executions for rotor-/stator-knives and screens.

Dry Label Scraper

The Label Scraper is suitable for removing labels and sleeves of all kinds as well as external dirt from beverage bottles originating from all post-consumer areas.
The Label Scraper LS removes labels and external dirt from bottles by mechanical friction between cutting elements on a rotating drum and fixed elements in exchangeable housing components. The stator elements can be pre-adjusted
For different bottle sizes and can be adjusted if necessary. For doing so, only the outer housing cover has to be removed. The crushed labels and the removed dirt are discharged off the machine together with the bottles and are separated from the material stream over a further ballistics separator.

  • Solid construction and easy access to the wearing parts.
  • Extreme durable and adjustable to different sizes of bottles.
  • Over dimensioned in order to bridge possible peaks. 5 V-belts, profile SPC.

Special and customised machine construction

develops complete solutions in special and customised machine construction. Customers receive everything from a single source: from planning to execution to the finished product - and all "Made in Germany".

How you benefit from Spare parts by CUTMETALL

CUTMETALL products: More than a spare part! Tuning for your machine!

Our spare parts and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items (original parts of the machine manufacturers) but rather process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.

CUTMETALL - partner, problem solver, and process optimizer for the recycling and shredding industries.