Lindner Jupiter

Spare parts from CUTMETALL

We offer a wide range of suitable spare parts such as knives, screen baskets, knife pads and other wear parts for the following machines from the Jupiter range of stationary pre-shredders from Lindner Recyclingtech:

  • Lindner Jupiter 1800

  • Lindner Jupiter 2200

  • Lindner Jupiter 2500

  • Lindner Jupiter 3200


What is the Lindner Jupiter?

Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH is a manufacturer of shredding machines. Jupiter is a name for a shredder series from Lindner, just like the Lindner Komet, for example.

The Lindner Jupiter are stationary single-shaft pre-shredders suitable for recycling of all waste materials. Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH mainly manufactures such stationary recycling machines. The company has only two types of mobile equipment in its offer: Lindner Urraco and Lindner Miura.

How is the Lindner Jupiter constructed?

  1. These Lindner shredders operate via a two-stage belt drive, which is protected by a so-called protective clutch. This means that if interfering materials block the rotation, this is detected by the sensors and the drive is stopped in a controlled manner. In this way, major damage can be avoided.
  2. The Jupiter series has a hydraulic maintenance flap that can be opened inward to facilitate the removal of possible contaminants from the outside. This can be opened inwards and facilitates not only the removal of impurities but also maintenance work on the rotor.
  3. When the machine is running smoothly in regular operation, the input material is poured into the feed hopper and moved evenly to the cutting unit by an internal pusher.
  4. A robust pointed knife rotor allows high throughputs, because the counter knife and scraper knife cut twice here. Process-optimized spare parts and wear parts for the cutting units are available from Cutmetall. These are not original parts from the manufacturer Lindner, but precisely fitting spare parts from Cutmetall's own brand. We will be pleased to inform you about our products and prices.
  5. Once the input material has been crushed by the cutting unit, it must still pass through the screening unit in a final step. Like the maintenance flap, this can be swung down hydraulically and thus also offers uncomplicated access to the inside of the machine. But that is not the only task of the Plug & Go screening unit. The screen modules are available in different perforations and can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirement.

Depending on the individual application, Lindner also offers additional accessories for the Jupiter series. To reduce the risk from high dust levels, for example, the shredders can be equipped with Atex explosion protection or water spraying. A built-in fire extinguishing system with spark detection ensures safety for easily combustible materials.

What makes the Lindner Jupiter stand out?

This shredder series from Lindner Recycling features high manufacturing quality as well as insensitivity to disruptive materials such as metal. The blade holders are attached to the machine via sturdy welded and bolted connections. The robust design of the Lindner shredder and the quick knife change ensure long service lives. These can be further increased with wear and spare parts from CUTMETALL. This is because CUTMETALL offers a wide range of process-optimized cutting knives, counter knives, holders and many other spare parts for the Jupiter model from Lindner.

Both the hydraulic maintenance flap and the hydraulically swiveling screen unit facilitate the replacement of spare parts. Maximum safety while working on the Lindner machine is ensured by the mechanical locking and parking position of the post-pusher as well as the electromagnetic locking of the access to the screening unit.

With its Jupiter series, Lindner offers a unit that is flexibly suitable for recycling different input materials. The screening modules are available in different perforations. This allows for different particle sizes in the subsequent output.

What is the Lindner Jupiter suitable for?

The Lindner Jupiter reliably handles the shredding of various waste materials. These mainly include: household waste, bulky waste, industrial waste, commercial waste, waste wood.

What models are available?

The Lindner company offers several models in this pre-shredder series, all of which have the same structure and design. However, they differ in terms of machine size, performance and price. Accordingly, the types are graded from Lindner Jupiter 1800, through Lindner Jupiter 2200 and Lindner Jupiter 2500 to Lindner Jupiter 3200.

The infeed height is the same for all models, which is 3105 millimeters. The three Lindner Jupiters also have in common the discharge width of 1026 millimeters, the pointed knives and screens installed as standard, the final particle size of 50-350 millimeters, and the control via the frequency converter.

With regard to the following technical data, however, the three models differ significantly from each other:

  • Size and weight
  • Filler opening
  • Funnel volume
  • Rotor length and rotor speed
  • Number of pointed blades and pointed knives
  • Motor

CUTMETALL products for Lindner Recyclingtech

CUTMETALL offers a wide range of "Made by CUTMETALL" products for various Lindner Komet models. Our spare and wear parts include rotor knives (fly knives/flat knives), counter knives, knife holders, screen units, wearing rings, and a variety of other parts - optimized for the individual requirements Komet shredder operators have for their specific shredding application.

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CUTMETALL products: More than a spare part! Tuning for your machine!

Our spare parts and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items (original parts of the machine manufacturers) but rather process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.

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