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CUTMETALL supplies suitable » bed knives for granulator models from many manufacturers, including Herbold, Alpine Hosokawa, STF, Condux, Eldan, Neue Herbold, Amis Zerma, Getecha, Wanner, Previero and many other renowned brands.

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Bed knives for granulators

Bed knives are the knives mounted on the grinding chamber of a shredder against which the rotor knives (fly knives) cut. Together with the fly knives, these bed knives (also referred to as static knives) are used in plastics recycling in granulators to shred and finely grind production waste.

Their distance from each other can be adjusted - depending on the input - by means of a defined cutting gap, which enables a clean cut of the material. While the cutting angle of fly knives is mostly flat, bed knives often have a steeper angle. Rotor knives and bed knives can also be varied and optimised in many ways by using different materials and cutting geometries. For example, if the cutting angle is flattened, this results in a more aggressive cut, while knives with a pre-bevel have a considerably more stable cutting edge. The target hardness of the material for fly knives and bed knives is variable in order to optimally adjust them to different areas of application and input materials.

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