Eldan HPG

Compatible spare parts Made by CUTMETALL

If you are running an Eldan Heavy Pre-Granulator we can provide you with knives, counter knives, clamping plates, wedges and caps for your fly knives and bed knives and various other spare parts and wear parts all at great value for your money. CUTMETALL offers spares compatible with the following Eldan HPG models by manufacturer Eldan Recycling AS:

  • Eldan HPG 125

  • Eldan HPG 165

  • Eldan HPG 205

  • Eldan HPG 205 HD

Spare parts Made by CUTMETALL are not original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) by the machine manufacturer, but our own perfectly fitting, process-optimized CUTMETALL brands.

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CUTMETALL spare parts suitable to Heavy Pre Granulators by Eldan Recycling

Operators of Eldan Heavy Pre-Granulators can choose among a variety of spare parts suitable for their machine. We offer not only knives, screen plates, and knife holders compatible with Eldan HPG machines, but the appropriate fastening material as well.

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Contact our sales team to discuss which part is right for your application and also how to improve performance and increase service life and durability of your Eldan Heavy Pre Granulator.

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How you benefit from Made by CUTMETALL

CUTMETALL products: More than a spare part! Tuning for your machine!

Our spare parts and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items (original parts of the machine manufacturers) but rather process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.

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