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In this section you will find our suitable spare parts and wear parts, e.g. rotor knives and stator knives, for various Pallmann series.

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Who is Pallmann?

Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG from Zweibrücken, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of machines and complete systems for processing and crushing almost all materials. Founded in 1903 as a machine factory, the medium-sized family business looks back on seven generations of millers and grinders.
For more than 110 years now, Pallmann has been developing, building and selling customer-oriented shredding technology. The core competencies for shredding technology lie in the areas of the wood industry, the recycling of valuable materials, the gentle processing of foodstuffs and the shredding of plastics.
Today, Pallmann offers the world's largest range of shredding technology with over 1,000 machine types for all soft to medium-hard, brittle to viscoplastic and fibrous products in the wood, plastics, recycling and process technology sectors.
The strength of the company lies in its innovative power, the proven quality of its products and the know-how of its approximately 400 experienced and highly qualified employees who work for Pallmann all over the world. They always focus on the success of the customers! Pallmann operates one of the most efficient research and technology centres for shredding technology in the world for the further and new development of products and tests with customers' own material!


Knife ring flaker PZKR
The Pallmann knife ring flaker PZKR is used for dry and wet flaking of wood chips into wood shavings with the greatest possible consistency in chip geometry and chip quality. Wood chips produced in this way are ideally suited for the production of chipboard.

Refiner PR
The Refiner PR is used to break down wood chips into high-quality wood fibres. These wood fibres are used for the production of MDF boards, HDF boards and insulation materials. Pallmann has been building the pressurised refining system for over 30 years and is continuously developing it further.

Long wood chipper PZU
For the production of quality chips or strands from round wood, PALLMANN supplies the long wood direct flaker PZU. The strands produced are used for the production of OSB boards, particle boards, cement boards and construction timber.


PHPH "Grizzly®" impact hammer mill
The PHPH ''Grizzly®'' series hammer mill has been developed for the economical size reduction of all types of waste wood and scrap wood. It can feed waste wood pre-shredded and non-pre-shredded voluminous recycled wood.

Hammer mill PHPS
The hammer mill of the PHPS series produces valuable materials for material and thermal recycling from pre-crushed residual and waste wood of all types. Even contaminated feed materials can be processed. Heavy foreign bodies are exposed and automatically discharged.

PHMS impact hogger
The impact hogger PHMS series is used for the economical crushing of wood chips from round, residual or waste wood into wood shavings for the production of chipboard, wood pellets and wood briquettes.

PBEW "Dracula" primary crusher
The primary crusher type PBEW ''Dracula'' was developed to increase the performance of downstream wood crushing machines and the crushing of voluminous residual and waste wood such as packaging material, pallets, construction timber and old wooden furniture.


Drum chipper PHT
With the Pallmann PHT drum chipper, waste wood can be chipped into wood chips. The drum chipper is characterised by high throughput, robust construction and low operating costs.

PHPS impact hammer mill
The hammer mill of the PHPS series produces valuable materials for material and thermal recycling from pre-crushed residual and waste wood of all kinds. Even contaminated feed materials can be processed. Heavy foreign bodies are exposed and automatically discharged.


Pallmann offers complete system solutions for wood shredding and processing for the wood-based panel industry, the paper industry, as well as for waste wood processing, the energy industry and pellet production. For the woodyard and wood pulping sector, our plants are successfully in operation in Germany, China, Russia, South America, India, Iran and Turkey. All key components are supplied from a single source, starting with roundwood conditioning and roundwood binding, through to roundwood, conveying and shredding technology.
From engineering to complete installation and commissioning, Pallmann offers complete system solutions so that the interfaces to the downstream process can be reduced to a minimum. Close cooperation with the customer during the planning phase makes it possible to respond flexibly to their wishes. Robust systems of high quality ensure the success of the operators. The after-sales service of the Pallmann Service Centre guarantees expert and rapid support before, during and after the commissioning of our machines and complete systems. In this way, we enable high plant availability and low downtimes.

PHT drum chipper

The Pallmann PHT series drum chipper can be used to pre-chop annual plants such as cotton stalks or bamboo. The drum chipper is characterised by high throughput, robust construction and low operating costs.

Pith separator PMS
The Pallmann pith separator PMS series is used for the de-pithing of sugar cane bagasse. The bagasse fibres separated from the pith are used for the production of cellulose, the manufacture of fibreboard or the production of chipboard.

Hammer mill PHMS
The Pallmann beater hogger series PHMS is used for the economic disintegration of pre-shredded annual plants, such as bamboo and cotton stalks into chips for the production of chipboard.

Double Stream Mill PSKM
The Pallmann double stream mill series PSKM is used to produce high-quality fine chips for the top layer of chipboard. From pre-shredded annuals, the double stream mill produces fibrous raw materials for the production of boards.


Cutting Mill PS
For the size reduction especially of natural or synthetic rubber, vulcanised or unvulcanised, in the form of bales, Pallmann supplies granulators of the PS type with the unique guillotine motors. These are characterised by a high moment of inertia and low-friction comminution. Depending on the bale size, Pallmann offers shredding plants for single-stage to two-stage shredding. These plants are available with or without a separating agent feed and shred all feed forms of rubber such as bales, skins, strands, chips, etc. into a defined granulate.

Cutting mill PSP
Pallmann supplies the granulators type PSP for the size reduction of production waste and confection waste, which is produced during the manufacture or processing of window profiles, roller shutter profiles and cladding profiles. Due to the special design of the rotor, the horizontally fed profiles are automatically drawn in and shredded. Short pieces of waste can be fed through an additional feed chute. With these granulators, high throughput rates are achieved with optimum granulate quality. The plastic granulates produced can be used directly again for the production of virgin material.


Fine grinding plants for rotational moulders
Pallmann fine grinding plants for the rotational moulding industry with integrated disk mills enable the fine grinding of thermoplastic granulates into fine powders with final particle sizes between 0.15 - 0.50 mm. Size reduction takes place at ambient temperature. An addition of coolant or water is therefore not necessary. The good flowability and high bulk density achieved are the prerequisites for subsequent optimum distribution within the rotational mould. The quality of the plastic powders produced meets the defined requirements in DIN 53492 and ASTM D 1895.

Fine grinding plants for masterbatches
With the particularly compact and space-saving Pallmann fine grinding plants and disk mills for masterbatch production and compounding, plastic granulates are ground into plastic powders of high quality. The optimum particle shape of the end product and its large specific surface area ensure very good mixing and adhesion of the additives. The user can finely grind a wide range of materials such as PE, PP, PA, PC etc. under ambient temperature.


Plast-Agglomerator PFV

Pallmann Plast-Agglomerators are used to process thermoplastic waste or composites into an agglomerate that is not altered by thermal stress. The units, including all components, are compactly mounted on a base plate or can be supplied in modular design, depending on requirements. The end product impresses with its high bulk density and good flowability.

How you benefit from Spare parts by CUTMETALL

CUTMETALL products: More than a spare part! Tuning for your machine!

Our spare parts and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items (original parts of the machine manufacturers) but rather process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.

CUTMETALL - partner, problem solver, and process optimizer for the recycling and shredding industries.