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In this section you will find our range of spare parts and wear parts for models of the manufacturer brand Vecoplan. To save you time, we have already assigned the appropriate, process-optimised CUTMETALL products to the Vecoplan machines. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you quickly!

» Further information about the manufacturer Vecoplan can be found below the list of spare parts.

Who is Vecoplan?

Vecoplan AG is an international company in the wood, waste and recycling industry. It is active in the development and production as well as in the sale of machines for raw material processing.

The machine manufacturer was founded in 1969 in Bad Marienberg. The headquarters with production and in-house technology centre are located there. The development of customer-specific machines as well as own technologies takes place in this so-called technical centre. Vecoplan has secured several patents, for example for the VAZ high-performance shredder.

A complete recycling process comprises various steps. In its complex recycling plants, Vecoplan combines individual machines for shredding, conveying, washing, screening, separation, storage and dosing. In addition to these complete systems, the product portfolio also includes the individual components.

Vecoplan technologies

Recycling is not efficient without professional shredding of the input material. But not every waste shredder is suitable for every material. A distinction can be made between: primary raw materials of natural origin (wood and biomass) and secondary raw materials (plastics, data carriers, substitute fuels, paper, household/commercial waste).

Waste wood processing

Waste wood is to be shredded and used to produce energy. The following machine series from Vecoplan are suitable for this purpose: Two-shaft shredders, drum chippers and vertical chippers and mills. But wood is not all wood. Round wood requires a different shredding process than bark mulch. This is why Vecoplan also offers specific models.

In sawmills, wood chippers are designed to increase the output quality of sawdust, wood chips and bark mulch to enable further industrial processing. Vecoplan VAZ 1300-1600 with single-shaft rotor, for example, are used here.

Where wood is processed further, residual wood is produced. Joineries produce cuttings and blanks, wood chips or wood dusts. Whether for thermal use or further processing - Vecoplan offers the right machines, such as VAZ 2000-2500 shredder. These high-performance shredders are also used for waste wood pelleting.

Single-shaft shredders such as Vecoplan VAZ 800-1100 or VAZ 1800-2400 are also suitable for the optimal production of wood materials such as chipboard from old round wood, rind wood or natural waste wood.

Biomass processing

In addition to round wood and waste wood, straw, animal litter, maize and grasses are typical input materials for biomass processing. The output is to be used as fuel. The allrounder Vecoplan VAZ 2000-2500 single shaft shredder is ideally suited to these requirements.

Plastics processing

Vecoplan offers suitable plastic shredders for all types of plastic waste - from consumers or industry - for example the VAZ 1300-2000 or V-ECO 900-2100 models. Plastic post-consumer waste is mainly plastic containers, films, mixed plastics, tapes or big bags. Vecoplan also manufactures machines for plastics in-house recycling. These are designed for production waste or start-up lumps that are to be converted into valuable materials.

Document / data destruction

Whether on paper or hard disks, floppy disks or memory sticks: Vecoplan shredders, for example Vecoplan VAZ 1300-2000, always destroy your data in accordance with DIN 66399.

Paper/cardboard containers

Waste paper processing is an important area of material recycling. Vecoplan has a number of machines in its portfolio that are suitable for shredding waste paper and cardboard, but also paper rolls or production waste, including Vecoplan V-ECO 900-2100 shredder.

Alternative fuels

Pre-shredders and post-shredders work together in the complex RDF processing - precisely matched to the input material and the content of impurities. The RDF shredders can thus process household and commercial waste, plastic residues, waste wood, bulky waste, but also rubber and tyre residues. Vecoplan VVZ Hurricane double shaft shredder and Vecoplan VEZ single-shaft shredder with HiTorc, for example, are used here.

CUTMETALL spares and wear parts for Vecoplan shredders

CUTMETALL supplies process-optimised spare parts by CUTMETALL for most Vecoplan models. By clicking on the following links you will receive further information on our articles (spare parts, wear parts and complete assemblies) suitable for the respective Vecoplan machines.

If you have any further questions as to whether and how the service life and durability of your Vecoplan machines can be extended, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you!


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