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In this section you will find our range of spare parts and wear parts for models of the manufacturer brand Herbold Meckesheim. For your quick overview, we have already assigned the appropriate, process-optimized spare parts from CUTMETALL to the Herbold Meckesheim series. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you quickly!

» Further information about the manufacturer Herbold Meckesheim you can find below.

What is Herbold Meckesheim?

Herbold Meckesheim is a machine manufacturer that specialises in systems for plastics recycling. The family-owned company with a long tradition was founded in Meckesheim, Baden-Württemberg, as early as 1884 - at that time as a so-called Mühlenbauanstalt. In the meantime, the company sells, assembles and maintains its machines worldwide. A second branch is located in the USA. Herbold no longer only produces mills. In addition to comminution and fine grinding, Herbold's complete machines also take care of washing, separating and compacting plastic waste.

In order to achieve the desired output in the end, the type of comminution must match the type of input material. Herbold manufactures various devices for this purpose: in addition to cutting, hammering and fine grinding mills, there are also shredders, granulators, pulverisers and plastic compactors.

Solutions for plastics recycling

Herbold Meckesheim machines are specially designed for the recycling of plastics - both post-industrial and post-consumer. Clean production waste goes directly into the respective shredding system. The situation is different for contaminated or mixed plastic waste. These first have to be pre-shredded, washed, separated and dried. Only then can the input material enter the granulator. Herbold Meckesheim offers both complete plants and special individual devices.

Clean plastic production waste

When injection moulding plastic parts, there is usually a lot of material scrap left over. If these scraps are to be shredded, the granulators of the Herbold SML series are often used. For bulky lumps and large quantities, the Herbold SMS large cutting mill is then suitable.

An alternative to the injection moulding process is the so-called thermoforming or deep-drawing. In this process, plastics are formed by means of heat. After cooling, the desired plastic part is then punched out, producing punching waste. All cutting mills from Herbold are suitable for the size reduction of these parts, for example the SML cutting mill.

For plastic waste left over from the production of films, Herbold Meckesheim offers special solutions, for example the film shredder, the granulator HGM or the single-shaft shredder series EWS.

The so-called whirl sintering is a process in which metallic surfaces are coated with plastic. Almost all Herbold granulators and shredders, such as the SMF fine cutting mill, can shred the residual plastic layer.

During the production of sheets, profiles and pipes made of plastic, heaps of scrap are produced, which can be recycled, for example, with the help of the Herbold SMP granulator or the special pipe cutting machine.

The Herbold SML or Herbold SMS granulators, the PU fine cutting mill or the HV plastic compactor are suitable for processing plastic fibres that come from fabric bags, for example.

Dirty and mixed plastic waste

Films used as packaging material - whether in agriculture or trade - are often heavily contaminated and contain foreign substances. Therefore, the dirty film waste must be sorted out and washed before shredding. To facilitate these two steps, there is a device that first tackles the film waste - namely a pre-shredder. This pre-shreds the input material roughly so that it can be better separated from possible foreign matter. This task is performed either by a shredder, a granulator or a hammer mill.

If this is too many individual devices for you, you can also opt for more compact solutions. Herbold Meckesheim also offers systems that combine two steps. Washing mills, for example, wash and grind at the same time. The VWE pre-washing unit has an integrated contaminant separator in addition to its washing module.

The situation is similar with dirty film residues when it comes to cups and containers that were once used for packaging. They also have to go through a washing cycle before being shredded. Shredding is then carried out by single-shaft shredders of the HR or EWS series, for example.

Plastic and PET bottles usually contain liquid residues and foreign matter such as labels. Therefore, the bottle residues must be cleaned well before the shredders and granulators, for example the Herbold HB granulator, do their work.

CUTMETALL products for Herbold Meckesheim

CUTMETALL offers process-optimised spare parts from CUTMETALL for most Herbold Meckesheim models. By clicking on the following link you will receive further information on our precisely fitting spare parts, wear parts and complete assemblies for the respective Herbold Meckesheim machines.

If you have any further questions as to whether and how the service life and durability of your Herbold wear parts can be extended, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you!


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