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Who is Untha Recyclingtechnik?

Untha Recyclingtechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of shredding machines for waste management. The Untha brand has been in existence since 1970. The company is headquartered in Kuchl/Austria. It was originally founded as a machine fitter's shop. The expansion of the recycling technology started in 1983 and goes back to the request of a merchant who was looking for a suitable shredding solution for boxes and cartons. For this purpose, company founder Anton Unterwurzacher developed the RS 30 shredder, the first four-shaft shredding system with a perforated sieve. In the years to come, the company expanded in recycling technology.In addition to the RS series, other series were developed, for example the S series or the LR series.

Untha's shredding plants enable the recycling of all input materials - from waste wood to plastics and household waste to electronic waste.

Untha Recycling operates worldwide.  The international name of the company is: Untha shredding technology Gmbh.In 1995, the German branch was founded in Karlstadt.  In the meantime, Untha Deutschland GmbH has become an independent sales location.Since 2014, the shredding technology business unit has been located in Karlstadt.  With the establishment of Untha Deutschland, the company launched a new series on the market, the XR class. Other Untha Recyclingtechnik GmbH locations are in the UK, the USA and Poland.

In Untha Recycling GmbH's in-house test centre, customer-specific tests are carried out with different materials and machines. In this way, a customised shredding solution can be found for every type of recycling as well as for every customer.

Shredding solutions from Untha Recyclingtechnik GmbH

Recyclingtechnik GmbH from Karlstadt offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that includes suitable shredding machines for a wide range of materials - also for special applications.  Whether it's a shredder or a chipper, recyclable material recycling or waste wood processing: Untha Recyclingtechnik in Karlstadt has the right shredder on offer for its customers - either as a stand-alone machine or as a complex recycling plant.

Recycling technology for waste and scrap wood

When chipboards, solid wood, wooden pallets or production waste are shredded by chippers and shredders from Untha Recyclingtechnik GmbH, the result is uniform wood chips that can be easily processed into secondary fuels: for combined heat and power plants or for firing wood chips in your company. But not all wood is the same. Roundwood requires different shredding solutions than tree bark or veneer, for example.
  • The LR 520 wood shredder is intended for smaller waste wood recycling applications in smaller companies. This device convinces with its small footprint.
  • The Untha LR 700, the next most powerful variant, also requires little space. It is suitable for medium-high throughputs. This corresponds to a weekly waste wood volume of about 12 cubic metres.
  • The powerful Untha LR 1000/1400 chipper is suitable for processing large, bulky items such as pallets or furniture.
  • In terms of output, the Untha LR 630 chipper lies between these two machines. Its wood chips are well suited as secondary raw material for briquetting.
  •  A special case is the shredding of wet bark.Untha's rotor shears are used for this.
  • Proven shredding all-rounders from Untha are the RS 30 and RS 40 chippers, which are suitable not only for paper and cardboard but also for long pieces of solid wood.

Waste processing into substitute fuels

In order to generate energy from household, industrial and commercial waste and to use the waste as fuel, it must first be shredded. This is what the single-shaft shredders of the XR class from Untha do. The robust machines have a high throughput capacity and can efficiently process all types of waste, including waste wood of classes 1 to 4. The processing of waste into substitute fuels is possible in both a single-stage and a two-stage system. In two-stage processing, an XR pre-shredder is combined with a TR post-shredder.

For the XR class machines, Untha offers two types: The XR 2000/3000 is fixed, while the electric XR mobil-e is a mobile machine.

Plastics processing

There are two types of plastic waste: the clean production waste and the contaminated post-consumer waste.  The latter must first be washed before shredding.

The Untha CR 2000 or the RS 30/40, for example, are suitable as shredders for PET bottles, plastic packaging and film remnants. The RS 50/60/100 chippers belong to Untha's medium RS class. These chippers cover a wide range of applications in the field of plastics recycling, for example waste bins, plastic drums or bumpers. The Untha type LRK four-shaft shredders are suitable for in-house recycling plants in the plastics industry.

Recycling technology for metal

Metal recycling aims to sort out scrap metal or reduce the volume for further processing. All shredders of the Untha RS series can be used for recycling sheet metal and aluminium waste, metal chips or punching waste.While the Untha RS 30/40 is more suitable for lighter applications, such as the recycling of metal chips, the Untha RS 150 is also used for difficult applications, for example for FE metals. But the Untha XR series is also suitable for shredding metal such as aluminium or steel.

A somewhat more compact machine from Untha is the S 25 rotary shear, which is suitable for shredding scrap metal, for example.The larger S 120 rotary shear model is a powerful pre-shredder that is also suitable for thick-walled metal enclosures.

Processing of electrical scrap

When recycling electrical and electronic scrap, it is important to separate valuable precious metals. The slow-running four-shaft shredders of the RS series and the Untha S 120 rotor shear are particularly suitable for shredding refrigerators, PCs, microwaves and the like.

Recycling paper and pulper tufts

Compared to electrical waste, waste paper, cardboard and cardboard packaging can be recycled in a much less complicated and environmentally friendly way. Several Untha chippers are suitable for paper shredding, for example the Untha types RS 30 to RS 100 or the rotor shears S 25 and S 120.

Compared to electrical waste, waste paper, cardboard and cardboard packaging can be recycled in a much less complicated and environmentally friendly way.Several Untha chippers are suitable for paper shredding, for example the Untha types RS 30 to RS 100 or the rotor shears S 25 and S 120.

File and data destruction

The versatile RS series systems from Untha in Karlstadt are also suitable for data destruction.Regardless of whether sensitive data is in paper files or on electronic data carriers:  Shredding with Untha enables DIN-compliant, secure material destruction.

Biomass processing

Biological and biogenic materials such as catering waste, slaughterhouse waste, catering waste or green waste must be shredded before they can be used for energy recovery, for example in a biogas plant. Untha RS 30/40 and S40 offer the suitable technology for this.

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