Spare parts from CUTMETALL

We offer a wide range of suitable spare parts such as knives, shredding teeth, sieve baskets, fasteners and other wear parts for universal shredders from the Eggersmann Teuton model series, e.g. for the following machines.

  • Eggersmann Teuton Z50

  • Eggersmann Teuton Z55

  • Eggersmann Teuton Z60

» Further information about the manufacturer Eggersmann you will find in the following.

Who is Eggersmann

Several companies active in construction and recycling technology operate under the umbrella of the Marienfeld-based Eggersmann Group.

Alexander Klär, Managing Director of CUTMETALL Sales GmbH, comments: "The Eggersmann Group has enjoyed a first-class reputation for decades as a specialist in the construction and production of high-quality waste treatment plants and has profound knowledge of the various recycling processes."

Regardless of whether household waste, municipal and organic waste, battery materials, bottom ash or lightweight packaging: Eggersmann's numerous plant types cover a wide range of applications.

Nationally and internationally known and appreciated brands such as BACKHUS, BRT HARTNER, FORUS, Terra Select and TEUTON belong to the group. "Our customers primarily operate plants for mechanical recycling and use machines for crushing and screening materials," explains Alexänder Klär. "Quite a few of them use the various universal shredders of the TEUTON brand. These include the stationary TEUTON ZS 55 universal shredder and the mobile TEUTON universal shredder in the three versions Z 50, Z 55 and Z 60."

The mobile TEUTON Z 50 is a slow-running single-shaft shredder that is characterised by its wide range of applications. "Among other things, our customers use it to shred old tyres, waste wood and plastics," reports Alexander Klär. "But mattresses, bulky waste, green waste or commercial waste also pose no problems for the TEUTON Z 50. This is primarily due to the shredding tools, which can be exchanged quickly and easily." The cutting gap can be changed quickly and without tools according to the respective requirements. The same applies to the exchange of the screen baskets. The diameter of the openings ranges from 80 to 250 mm.

The shredder is equipped by the manufacturer with wide conveyor belts whose speed is infinitely variable. The belt can convey the material up to a maximum discharge height of 5 metres. A particular advantage is the wide passages for blockage-free material discharge.

"Customers also praise the fact that they can easily reach the shredding area and that the machine is very easy to maintain," says Alexander Klär, citing further advantages of the TEUTON Z 50 universal shredder from the Eggersmann Group.

The two larger versions of the universal shredder, the TEUTON Z 55 and the TEUTON Z 60, also reliably shred completely different inputs... "Both models use a shredding rotor with 30 exchangeable shredding tools arranged in three rows along its three-metre length," explains Alexander Klär. "Depending on the material, four different types of tools can be used. There are 19 teeth on the counter comb."

The distance between the rotor and the counter comb can be varied in ten steps. In addition, the size of the output can be determined by the choice of the screen basket. The sieve basket system of all TEUTON models is characterised by the easy changing of the sieve baskets, whose holes have a diameter of 80 mm to 250 mm.

"Our customers also appreciate the easy access to the shredding chamber, which all three models allow, because the side wall can be swung out by hydraulics," Alexander Klär points out another plus. "In addition, the shredder recognises when no further input is being fed. Then it switches to stand-by mode until material is fed into the hopper again."

Last but not least, metal scrap can be sorted out via a magnetic separator.

Those who need a stationary solution can turn to the TEUTON ZS 55 universal shredder. "It is very popular with our customers due to its versatility, as its range of applications extends from pre-shredding to the end product, and for very different input materials," explains Alexander Klär. The TEUTON ZS55 can be adjusted to the respective input, the throughput quantity and the required size of the final grain.

This makes it easy to integrate the machine into existing recycling plants and processes. "The stationary universal shredder from the Eggersmann Group is also very easy to maintain and is very popular due to its robustness and high flexibility."

CUTMETALL products for Eggersmann shredders

For your Eggersmann shredder, we offer process-optimised spare parts from CUTMETALL such as screen baskets, counter-knives and other wear parts - precisely fitting and matched to the respective shredding process.

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