granulator static knives +Carbide

Up to ten times longer service life (depending on input and process)

This section contains the stator knives developed by CUTMETALL plus. Their use offers the user numerous advantages. Among them are the up to ten times longer service life (input and process dependent) as well as the possibility to be reground up to ten times.

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Stator knives

Highly wear-resistant static knives made of carbide

Stator knives, also called bed knives, or counter knives are available in numerous carbide versions. In a recycling plant, they form the fixed knife unit against which the rotor knives move.

Flat knives / Long knives

Flat knives, also called long knives, can be used in many different ways and are available in numerous versions. Flat knives usually have a straight edge and are characterized by their flat design and their special length. The cuts of flat knives are usually linear or rotary.

CUTMETALL plus Carbide Germany GmbH produces carbide stator knives in various sizes and shapes.

CUTMETALL products: More than a spare part! Tuning for your machine!

Our spare parts and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items (original parts of the machine manufacturers) but rather process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.