CUTMETALL plus Hybrid


The products of CUTMETALL plus Carbide Germany GmbH deal with the entire size reduction process and emphasise the economic and technical benefits.

Optimised machine utilisation and process stability is achieved through the use of hybrid knives.

We advise you individually with regard to your shredding task and calculate the expected cost reductions in advance, even before the first application.

Our products are used especially in the area of comminution of highly abrasive materials or in production plants with high production loads.

The use of hybrid knives has a positive influence on the following factors:

  • Machine running times
  • Power consumption
  • Dust generation
  • Machine vibrations
  • Risk of breakage
  • Risk of injury
  • Output quality
  • Material flow

Call us, we will be happy to advise you on our products.

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The "knife service life" will no longer be a major issue!