Spare parts Made by CUTMETALL

In this section you will find the right spare parts and wearing parts for your Vogelsang shredder. For example, we have rotor knives and cutting screens for the following Vogelsang wet shredders:

  • Vogelsang RotaCut RC 420G

  • Vogelsang RotaCut RC 3000

  • Vogelsang RotaCut RC 5000 | RC 5000 pro

  • Vogelsang RotaCut RC 10000 | RC 10000 pro

» Further information about the manufacturer Vogelsang is available below.

Who is Vogelsang?

In 1929, cooper Hugo Vogelsang founded a sawmill with ten employees in Bunnen in Lower Saxony. Early products included barrels made of wood, washing containers for milk churns and feed silos. Later, the first products with mechanical components were added, such as the swing washing machine. Today, Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG is an owner-managed, internationally oriented and expanding mechanical engineering group that is successfully active in the wastewater, agricultural technology, biogas, industry and transport technology segments.

Vogelsang ensures the highest manufacturing quality through research, development and production at its site in Germany. As an internationally oriented mechanical engineering group, the company operates production facilities in Germany and abroad. Through a continuously growing network of subsidiaries and agencies, Vogelsang is present in all European countries and important industrial nations of the world with more than 25 locations worldwide.

The company's strength has always been to recognise current challenges in the day-to-day business of its customers and to develop solutions that work. Understanding customer wishes, thinking along with them, contributing ideas to continuous research and development - this is how the company's founder saw it more than 90 years ago, and this is how those responsible in the company still proceed. For this reason, several Vogelsang products are regarded worldwide as the flagship for an entire category, be it in pumping, shredding, spreading or biogas technology.



Vogelsang manufactures an extensive portfolio of machinery. This includes pumps, pump systems, shredders and separators, disintegration systems, solids feeders, spreading technology, product series for supply and disposal, for internal cleaning as well as data management.


Shredders and separators

When customers are looking for a shredding technology, the only thing that counts for them is whether the corresponding technology meets the requirements and whether the shredder can cope with the medium and the application. Whether it is a single-shaft shredder, a twin-shaft shredder or a combination of shredder and pumps is mostly secondary or irrelevant. But to protect downstream components, it is often advisable to use additional separators or heavy material separators.

Vogelsang therefore distinguishes between the following types of shredders and separators:
  • Solid shredders: With a shredding technology, such as the RedUnit, solids are reduced in their particle size so that they can be processed further without any problems.
  • Wet shredders: These shredders (RotaCut/ XRipper) mainly come into contact with liquid media and shred the impurities contained in them.
  • Separators: Actively working separators such as the DebrisCatcher free the liquid medium from unwanted, non-shreddable foreign matter.



The wet shredder with integrated heavy material separator

  • Reliably shreds fibrous and foreign matter in liquid media
  • Protects downstream plant components from foreign matter damage
  • Prevents blockages and clogging of pumps, fittings and pipelines
  • Reduces viscosity and homogenizes liquids and suspensions
  • Prevents floating layers

Areas of application


The more flowable and homogeneous slurry and digestate are, the better they can be used as organic fertiliser. The Vogelsang RotaCut breaks down the medium as well as the coarse and fibrous materials contained in the farm manure. This makes the slurry more flowable and blockages, for example in the spreading system, can be prevented. The foreign bodies contained in the manure are separated. On the manure transport vehicle, the RotaCut thus offers effective pump protection. Due to the direct contact between the blades and the cutting sieve, this efficient shredder stands for a highly precise cutting result. With its opening designed as generously as possible, the RotaCut offers easy access for service and maintenance.

The separated heavy material can be easily removed. With the RotaCut MXL, Vogelsang offers the right solution for the special requirements in mobile applications, such as on drum trucks or self-propelled vehicles. This compact unit ensures a homogeneous, easily dosed slurry. As a result, the nutrients contained are evenly distributed. At the same time, the entire application technology is efficiently protected from damage. Innovative technologies, such as optimised cutting geometry or the use of Automatic Cut Control (ACC) for self-adjusting knives and optimum cutting pressure, make the Vogelsang RotaCut a reliable and at the same time economical shredding system.


The RotaCut shredder is the solution, proven thousands of times over, when foreign bodies disrupt the operation of the biogas plant or long-fibre solids in the slurry cause problems. The integrated heavy material separator (stone catcher) separates metal parts and stones. At the same time, the RotaCut shredder cuts foreign matter such as pieces of wood or branches and is ideally suited for processing fibrous foreign matter such as straw bands. However, long-fibre solids such as manure, straw or grass silage up to loader wagon grass are also shredded in a defined manner. In this way, the RotaCut shredder protects pumps and other components of the biogas plant from foreign body damage and prevents blockages.

In parallel, the reliable processing of long-fibre constituents with the RotaCut shredder prevents the formation of floating layers in the fermenter of the biogas plant. The viscosity of the suspension is reduced. This relieves the agitators, reduces their power consumption and reduces the required running times of the agitators in many biogas plants. The extensive range of models as well as the numerous features and options allow the shredder to be used in a wide variety of locations in the biogas plant. For example, the RotaCut shredder can be used to treat the liquid phase or recirculate as part of liquid feeding before mashing, or to process the freshly mashed suspension as the first step before the fermenter. The RotaCut shredder can also be easily installed wherever pumping processes are required in the biogas plant, e.g. when transferring from the fermenter to the secondary fermenter or to the final storage or when returning recirculate.

But the compact and service-friendly shredder can also be easily installed in the pipeline when circulating the fermenter or when an external heating system is used. Or when feeding fresh slurry, upstream of the separator. In every biogas plant there is a possibility to integrate the RotaCut shredder.



The RotaCut, our macerator with an integrated heavy material separator, can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. Thanks to the direct contact between the blades and the cutting screen, it not only provides pump protection for downstream systems due to a defined cutting result of the fibrous materials and a simultaneous homogenisation of the medium. The medium prepared in this way can also be used very easily in further processes. In industrial applications, the RotaCut is usually used together with other Vogelsang products such as rotary lobe pumps, eccentric screw pumps or other shredders such as the XRipper. For example, in food waste applications, not all materials are suitable for further pumping directly after an initial shredding step. Fish, meat and vegetable waste in particular often contain coarse fibrous materials that are separated in a heavy material separator.

Two models of the RotaCut in particular have proven themselves in industrial applications: The RotaCut RCX, for example, is used in slaughterhouses as part of the RedUnit to meet the requirements of the EU Directive on hygiene. And thanks to its compact design and reliable shredding, the RotaCut MXL is used in tankers to protect the pumps from foreign bodies. With its features and options such as Automatic Cut Control (ACC) or Autoreverse, the macerator is a key product for maceration in industrial applications.


Wastewater management

When fibres and tangles in wastewater and sludge cause problems, the RotaCut macerator is the solution. With its contact-based cutting principle, the macerator reliably shreds even hair and the finest fibres from cotton swabs (Q-tips). Foreign bodies contained in the wastewater or sludge are also reliably separated in the integrated heavy material separator (stone trap) of the RotaCut macerator. In this way, the macerator protects pumps and other components in the sewage treatment plant or sewer system from foreign body damage and prevents blockages.

At the same time, the sludge is homogenised, which significantly reduces the costs and effort for sludge thickening or sludge dewatering, for example: Thanks to preparation of the sludge with the RotaCut shredder, decanters and separators run trouble-free and more evenly, delivering a better dewatering result. Installed in the feed line of the digestion tower, the mazarator shreds hair and fibres in a defined way.

In this way, the RotaCut macerator prevents the formation of clogging and floating layers and prevents disturbances during circulation or sludge discharge. Specially adapted designs and sizes are available for the simplest possible integration into existing sewage treatment plants. Extensive features and options allow individual adaptation to the situation on site at the sewage treatment plant. Thanks to the user-friendly service concept of the RotaCut shredder, maintenance and parts replacement are quickly completed on site. After the cutting head has been swung open, there is optimum access and wearing parts can be replaced easily by the sewage treatment plant staff or service partner.



The wastewater twin-shaft shredder

  • Economical shredding of solids and impurities such as wet wipes, wood, textiles, waste and refuse
  • Efficient protection of pumps and system components against blockages, blockages or damage
  • Always ready for use thanks to easy maintenance
  • More safety thanks to cartridge sealing technology

Areas of application


When wet wipes and blockages clog wastewater pumps in the sewage system, the XRipper wastewater shredders are the effective solution. The twin-shaft shredder powerfully shreds and cuts up foreign matter such as hygiene articles, textiles or waste, thus preventing fibrous foreign matter from clogging and preventing blockages of pumps, fittings as well as pipes. The twin-shaft shredder even shreds large tangles that immediately block the circulation pumps of digesters at sewage treatment plants. In this way, the XRipper shredders protect against operational interruptions and malfunctions in the sewer or at the sewage treatment plant. Adapted to the requirements of wastewater technology, the XRipper is available in three different designs. In addition to the extremely service-friendly XRS series, the XRipper XRP series is recommended.

This was specially designed for inline installation in pipelines and in confined spaces, while the XRipper XRC series was specially designed for use in open sewers or in front of inlet or outlet structures. Thanks to the flexible Sewage Integration Kit (SIK), the XRipper XRC can be easily positioned on sloping or round walls for easy removal. The following applies to all XRipper shredders: the shredding tools, the so-called ripper rotors, rotate at a low speed. This means that the XRipper shredders have extremely high torques available for shredding at low drive power. At the same time, the ripper rotors clean themselves automatically because they rotate at different speeds. Thanks to the contactless operating principle of the XRipper shredders, power consumption in idle mode is minimal. The user-friendly maintenance and service concept of the XRipper shredders stands for fast maintenance. And even parts can be easily replaced on site by treatment plant personnel or service partners.


The Vogelsang XRipper twin-shaft shredder is designed for the economical shredding of solids and foreign bodies in liquids. It can be used in industrial wastewater treatment plants, for example, or for processes in the chemical, food or recycling industries. Thanks to the robust ripper rotors, the XRipper easily shreds a wide range of materials, preventing clogging and protecting downstream system components such as pumps. Like other Vogelsang products, the design is based on the QuickService design, making maintenance very simple and quick. Optionally, we also offer the XRipper in an ATEX design, which allows the XRipper to operate in an explosive environment in the chemical industry. Another option is the Sewer Integration Kit (SIK), which makes installation in the industrial wastewater sector of the food industry easier.


The customized and modular industrial shredder

  • Customized technical system
  • Compact and robust
  • High availability due to quick and easy service
  • Additional safety thanks to cartridge sealing technology
  • Low power consumption

Application area


The RedUnit combines Vogelsang shredders with pumps. Compared to individual products, it has many different advantages, such as a compact design and low power consumption. Together with our development department, we build each RedUnit industrial shredder specially adapted to the individual customer wishes and requirements in the respective area of application. It is a complete technical system, including an advanced control system that maximises the efficiency of the complete system. For demanding applications, the industrial shredder can be manufactured in a stainless steel version.

The RedUnit offers high availability thanks to the fast and simple concept of the individual components: the XRipper XRL shredder, the RotaCut RCX macerator, an eccentric screw pump from the CC series and/or a rotary lobe pump from the VX series.



Active heavy material separation

  • Prevents damage from foreign objects such as stones and metal parts
  • Prevents blockages of pumps, gates and valves
  • High throughput with low power requirements
  • Stable and robust thanks to counter-bearing

Application area


Foreign bodies such as stones and metal parts get into the biogas plant again and again, either through the solid biomass or through fresh slurry. However, due to the necessary dimensions and given viscosity, there is often not enough space to reliably separate the foreign bodies by means of a passive stone catcher.
The DebrisCatcher is designed precisely for these cases. It combines a gravity separator with active foreign body separation, offers maximum protection against foreign bodies such as stones and metal parts, requires minimal space and thus reliably and economically protects pumps and system components from corresponding damage and blockages.

A slow, laminar flow is established in the flow-optimised housing of the heavy-body separator. Optimal conditions prevail for the gravity-based separation of stones and metal parts. Heavy material that is too small and light to be separated in this way passes with the medium to the screen. Here it is held back, caught by the slowly rotating free scrapers and actively fed into the separator.

Thanks to the non-contact design and the low speed of the free scrapers, the system has a minimal power requirement. With a throughput of up to 400 m3/h, a drive power of only 2 kW is sufficient for the DebrisCatcher to protect downstream systems.

The hot-dip galvanised housing, welded from sheet steel, is corrosion-resistant and allows maximum internal pressures of 4 bar. Applications with upstream pressure, e.g. on high fermenters or when supporting booster pumps are in use, can be realised without any problems. At the same time, the combination of a contactless operating principle and a slow drive ensures minimised wear and a long service life.

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