Spare parts Made by CUTMETALL

In this section you will find suitable spare and wear parts "made by CUTMETALL" for various Wanner models. If you have not found the appropriate spare part, do not hesitate to contact us. Your CUTMETALL team!

Who is Wanner?

Wanner Technik GmbH from Wertheim-Reicholzheim in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, stands for many years of expertise and practical solutions in plastics recycling. The company's plastic granulators reliably shred sprues, slugs or missing parts that are produced during the manufacture of injection-moulded, blow-moulded or extruded products made of thermoplastics. And they do so even under the toughest working conditions.

Whether as a side mill, central mill, edge strip mill, high rack mill or as an integral mill for installation in an injection moulding machine with integral picker, whether as a knife cutting mill or toothed roller mill - the many years of know-how and expertise from the field of size reduction technology for plastics has gone into each of the machines developed and produced in Germany.

The source of Wanner's competence lies in the approach of seeing everything through the eyes of the customer and solving their problems innovatively and simply. For many years, the company's engineers have been working out detailed solutions that make the customers' daily work easier and increase the productivity of the machines - according to the principle "From practice for practice!


Baby - The granulator for small castings

The Baby series is suitable for small sprues and comminution tasks in the laboratory. Accordingly, the series is available in two basic versions: As a standard version for extraction for production and in the laboratory version with granulate drawer for collecting the ground material. Different shafts and chassis also allow easy adaptation to the specific task. Thanks to the compact design with gear motor, the space requirement is minimal. This means that the Baby granulator can also be excellently integrated into small injection moulding machines and sorting equipment. The Baby series is the ideal solution for micro injection moulding with small throughputs up to approx. 3 kg/h.

B-series: Advantages
  • High-quality regrind due to optimized diagonal cut
  • Quiet thanks to low rotor speed and stable design
  • Minimum space requirement due to compact design
  • Very easy to open and clean - ideal for frequent material changes and for laboratory applications
  • Low energy consumption and thus low operating costs

Compact - The side-mounted mills with many advantages

Three grinding chamber sizes with three output levels enable problem-free processing of the sprue sizes and plastic types typical in injection moulding. Thanks to the innovative machine concept, the grinding chamber with shaft can simply be swivelled to the side, enabling very quick and easy cleaning. This makes the user's work a little easier and thus improves productivity. Due to the special cutting geometry, sprues and missing parts are ground into a high-quality regrind. The modular construction system, the compact design with a drive with a robust gear motor and the variety of variants allow very simple adaptation to all customer requirements. The optionally available energy-efficient Green-Line control system significantly reduces energy consumption in typical applications during operation.

C-series: Advantages
  • Universally applicable for a wide range of applications and requirements
  • A wide range of options, such as different shafts, chassis and control variants, allows optimum adaptation to individual requirements
  • Very compact design due to the use of a robust gear motor, thus very low space requirement
  • Quiet thanks to low rotor speed and structure-borne noise reducing design
  • Easy to open and clean in seconds. Good accessibility allows quick material change and easy service
  • The cutting geometry ensures a high-quality grinding result and is suitable for all plastics from soft to hard, reinforced or unreinforced
  • Low energy consumption - innovative energy-saving control optional


Dynamic - The universal cutting mill for solid parts

The machines from the Dynamic series have a very robust design and are equipped with wear protection components as standard. The cutting geometry with a large V-bevel cut ensures excellent regrind for all materials. The Dynamic series is available in a wide range of variants. With belt drive and massive flywheel, the machines are suitable for larger throughputs and particularly massive parts. With gear drive and low rotor speed, it serves as an auxiliary mill for particularly bulky sprues. Four different grinding chamber sizes, as well as a wide range of different chutes, frames, control options and accessories allow easy adaptation to special customer requirements. The solid construction makes the machines particularly robust and durable.

D-Series: Advantages
  • Universally applicable for a wide range of applications and requirements thanks to modular design principle
  • Suitable as standard for all plastics from soft to hard, reinforced or unreinforced.
  • Very robust construction - suitable for shredding very massive parts
  • A wide range of options such as different shafts, chassis and control variants enables optimum adaptation to customer requirements
  • Standard wear-protected design with hardened grinding chamber components
  • Optionally available with integrated soundproof cabin
  • Easy to open and clean without tools
  • Good accessibility allows quick material change and easy service

Energy - The central granulator for large-volume parts and high throughputs

The E-series granulators are ideally suited both as a high-performance central granulator and as an in-line size reduction system, for example when grinding slugs in the production of large blow-moulded parts. With five grinding chamber sizes as well as various grinding chamber configurations and different shaft variants, the machines can be specially adapted to customer requirements and the type of feed. The E-series mills are equipped with an integrated soundproof cabin as standard, in which the optionally available conveying fan is also integrated. Furthermore, the grinding chamber is decoupled from the cabin via oscillating elements so that vibrations are dampened. It is also designed as a robustly dimensioned welded/screw construction.

The rotor shaft is guided by an oversized bearing. The grinding chamber and blower of the granulator are easily and quickly accessible without tools via the wide-opening access doors. This makes it easy to clean the granulator.

The three rotor designs of the machine:
  • 3-cutter rotor in the standard grinding chamber - the universal solution for parts and sprues
  • 5-bladed rotor in the standard grinding chamber - for larger throughputs
  • 3-bladed rotor in the super-tangential grinding chamber - for the size reduction of particularly voluminous parts

The advantages of the E-series

  • Integrated soundproof cabin as standard
  • Very good grinding quality due to V-cut
  • Aggressively retracting rotor, for very voluminous parts super-tangential grinding chamber optionally available
  • 5-cut rotor available for high throughputs
  • Optional blower available inside the soundproof cabin
  • Grinding chamber decoupled from machine frame and sound enclosure via vibrating elements for effective damping of structure-borne noise
  • Extensive range of accessories available, such as various blowers, cyclones, airlocks, dedusting devices, conveyor belts and much more

As an option, the mills from our Energy series are available with a blower integrated into the sound insulation device, which is easily accessible via a large door at the rear. The fan is easily accessible via a large door at the rear. The installation in the sound insulation device of the mill effectively dampens the noise pollution emitted by the fan without requiring additional floor space. For this purpose, the blower is installed in a space-saving manner on the rear side of the soundproof cabin and is easily accessible via a wide-opening door in the cabin. The robustly constructed blower can also be opened easily via a hinge. Depending on customer requirements, both the blower and the pipe bends are available in a wear-protected design so that even the shredding of GF-reinforced material works reliably.


Xtra - The specialist for brittle materials

The toothed roller mills of the Xtra series are designed as auxiliary mills for applications with brittle and glass-fibre reinforced materials. The Xtra series is available in three grinding chamber sizes, whereby the smallest grinding chamber is equipped with one, the medium grinding chamber with two and the largest grinding chamber with three primary crushers. The star-shaped primary crushers pre-crush larger sprues and parts to such an extent that they can be gripped by the toothed rollers and crushed to final size.

The granule size is determined by the size of the teeth on the toothed rollers, with a choice of 4 and 5 mm tooth widths. Due to the very slow rotor speed of only approx. 30 rpm, noise generation in particular is significantly reduced compared to knife mills. During the development of the Xtra series, Wanner paid attention to a compact design and easy handling. The grinding chamber can be opened completely and easily without tools, so that cleaning can be done quickly with this machine.

Xtra series: Advantages
  • Very low noise emission due to the very low rotational speed
  • Low-dust and uniform ground material
  • Low space requirement due to direct drive with gear motor
  • Various shaft and chassis variants allow easy adaptation to individual requirements
  • Low energy consumption due to high-torque gear motor
  • Innovative Green-Line energy-saving control optionally available

TG extruder - the compact regranulation system

The ThermoGran20 makes it possible to convert problematic regrind or even small parts / sprues directly into high-quality granulate. The pellets produced with the TG20 are comparable to the corresponding virgin material in terms of quality and flow behaviour. Accordingly, the granulate produced with the TG20 can generally be used or mixed into the customer's production process as reliably as virgin material. The TG20 plasticises and granulates a wide variety of polymers gently and reliably and can be optimally used wherever regrind produced by purely "mechanical comminution" cannot be reprocessed reliably.

The system consists of a compact, slow-running extruder with a large feed zone and a special screw geometry with a large auxiliary screw, so that even very poorly flowing regrind or dust as well as whole sprues and small parts can be easily fed in. A water bath integrated into the system, followed by a strand pelletiser, is used to cut off the strands of material produced in a defined manner, resulting in very uniform, free-flowing granulate that is easy to dose.

The TG 20 is equipped with a reliable and robust control system that also masters demanding processing parameters and thus also enables the processing of difficult materials in a process-safe manner. In automatic mode, sensors are used to adjust the extruder speed to the feed behaviour of the material and the take-off speed of the pelletiser is adjusted according to the process conditions, so that a stable process is produced even with fluctuating material conditions. The ideal regranulation system for processing smaller quantities of plastics if the regranulate produced with a plastic granulator does not meet the quality requirements.

The advantages of the thermogranulator

  • Ideal for processing very inhomogeneous, irregular regrinds with, for example, larger pieces, dust and spits as contents
  • Suitable for a wide variety of polymers (e.g. TPE, EVA, PP, PE, ABS, PS, PA, PC etc.)
  • Very well applicable also for compounding of e.g. colour pellets especially for TPE and polyolefines etc. - economical even with smallest quantities.
  • Production of micro-pellets possible, which can also be reliably processed on injection moulding machines with the smallest screw diameters.
  • Plasticises and granulates gently without damaging the material to be processed.
  • Oversized feed zone with auxiliary screw allows processing of very poorly flowing regrind with a high dust content and/or whole sprues and small parts.
  • Robust and easy-to-operate control system.
  • Available as a compact unit with integrated water bath and strand granulator - correspondingly little space is required.
  • Economical due to short amortisation period.

TT-Cutter - Ideal for extrusion

Wanner supplies cutter systems for the pre-cutting of edge trims according to the customer's specifications and designed for their specific application. The company develops and produces solutions tailored to the customer's needs, from the individual cutter (pre-shredder) to the complete system with conveyor technology and downstream adapted granulator.

How you benefit from Spare parts by CUTMETALL

CUTMETALL products: More than a spare part! Tuning for your machine!

Our spare parts and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items (original parts of the machine manufacturers) but rather process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.

CUTMETALL - partner, problem solver, and process optimizer for the recycling and shredding industries.