CUTMETALL products: More than a spare part. Tuning for your machine!

First-class spare parts for shredders and granulators. A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.

Top manufacturer brands for shredding technology

CUTMETALL optimizes your production processes


As a manufacturer, we produce high-quality machine knives and wear parts.


longer machine run times, less service intervals,
higher throughput, better output.

Service provider

As a service provider, we develop innovative products, for and with customers. 


Custom-made spare parts, components, and whole assemblies maximize your machines' performance.



As a consultant, we provide our customers with technical competence and industry expertise. 


You make profound decisions based on in-depth information and receive solutions to your cutting problems.

This combination is unique in the market!

What we do?

CUTMETALL is your reliable partner for replacement parts for lots of applications within the break down industries (reuse, repurposing, and recycling ).  Without exception, we focus on quality, which we pass on directly to you as a customer and thus drive your processes and your company forward.  With our products, we create solutions that enable you to work process-optimized to effectively and efficiently break down your respective input material.

Three strong reasons for buying CUTMETALL products:
our core competences - our strengths - our guarantee

Our core competencies

For more than two decades we have been developing and producing high-performance machine knives as well as high-quality spare and wear parts for pre-shredders, universal and secondary shredders, granulators, grinders, chippers, and mills.

We know the business processes, company structures and requirements of our recycling and shredding industry customers on an intimate level.

We have extensive knowledge on machine manufacturers and know most models of the market-relevant brands - from A as in Alpine to Z as in Zerma.

Together with our product developers, our engineering department creates custom-tailored solutions for individual requirements

We optimize our customers' shredding and cutting processes and reduce the downtime of their machines.

Our strengths

We employ highly qualified and dedicated staff passionate about providing you with the replacement parts that best fit your requirements.

We use ultra-modern CNC equipment for precise mechanical processing.

We operate our own in-house high-tech hardening shop for hardening and surface treatment.

Our guarantees

We carry out strict quality checks to deliver the best products.

We provide you with competent, independent and detailed advice, including on-site consultation service.

We deliver reliably and, if necessary, overnight.

We give you great value for money.

We provide our customers with a decisive competitive edge: excellent efficiency and excellent work processes.


With every order our customers benefit from our technical expertise, our broad experience, and our technologies.
Because we understand your market!

Partners who trust CUTMETALL!

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