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In this section you will find our matching spare parts and wear parts for various Precimeca shredders.

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Who is Precimeca?

PRECIMECA was founded in 1974 in Toulouse, France dedicated to design & maintain industrial SHREDDERS. Soon, the company directed its activities towards the industrial Waste sector and the SCRAP TIRE (or End of Life Tire) recycling equipments.

Tire chips are commonly used  :
  • as Alternative Fuels (Tire Derived Fuel) in Cement Plants Precalciners, Pulp & Paper mills, electric utilities,..
  • as Tire Derived Aggregates for a wide range of construction applications (lightweight fill, thermal insulation, vibration attenuation, drainage layers,..).
  • in Pyrolysis & Thermolysis processes to produce oil,..

PRECIMECA supplied its first heavy-duty Tire Shredders in Europe in the 90's, and then in Mexico, India, Africa, Asia, etc.

As a True Specialist of TIRE SHREDDING EQUIPMENT, PRECIMECA business is continously growing on a global basis, often thanks to recommendations from existing customers. Specifically designed, engineered and manufactured for SCRAP TIRES, PRECIMECA offers a range of robust stationary or mobile Tire Shredders.

Whether primary or secondary, PRECIMECA shredders are recognised for their unique CLEAR CUT, a low running cost and the regular Innovations implemented.

The PRECIMECA range of RASPERS has also been enhanced to optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for a demonstated reduced running cost.

Today PRECIMECA offers turnkey tire shredding installations to last for decades, maintenance and wear parts solutions to customers worldwide.


Scrap Tire Shredder 15-02-50

The 15-02-50 Shredder is the Reference model of PRECIMECA Shredder dedicated to Scrap Tires recycling.
Installed in many plants Worldwide, this Rotary Shear, with its unique clear cut and reduced cost per ton is regularly fitted with the latest innovations, new options issued from our 40 years of scrap tire shredding know-how. For the production of alternative fuel (Tyre Derived Fuel) or other primary shredding applications, it is very likely that PRECIMECA has already installed a Shredder in a similar application than yours.


Shredder 15-02-50 mobile

The 15-02-50 shredder is available in a mobile version to offer an on-site treatment of used tyres or to use the machine between different operating locations.


Shredder 8-02-50

The shredder 8-02-50 is the model derived from the 15-02-50 : same knives, same cutting system. Equipped with a shorter chamber, it can shred car tires, 4x4 and vans up to 720 mm of diameter.


Shredder 16-02-100

The shredder 16-02-100 is the latest model designed by PRECIMECA for used tires. Equipped with 2 motors of only 45 kW, with sharpenable  knives, it is one of the smallest cost per tonne of the market. Available in 3 lengths rotors : 1200, 1500 or 1800 mm. For the production of draining (Tyde Derived Agregate) or other primary shredding applications, this model perfectly meets the specifications of the most demanding projects.


Shredder 16-02-100 mobile

The 16-02-100 shredder is available in a mobile version to offer an on-site treatment of used tyres or to use the machine between different operating locations.


Shredders 16-02 + 8-02

By associating a 16-02-100 and a 8-02-50 shredders, PRECIMECA offers the only market solution with the ability to produce TDF from tires up to 1.80 m of diameter at a rate of up to 10 tonnes / hour. In addition the machines can work in series or in parallel in order to propose all combinations according to customer need.



The PRECIMECA RASPER is a secondary Shredder which produces chips below 25 mm with separation of the metal part. Behind a 16-02-100 primary Shredder, it produces a Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) without steel or stands as the first step of a granulation unit. Designed to optimize its running cost and enhance the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) , the RASPER  with 2 rotors running directions, divides by 2 the maintenance stops. The RASPER is available in 2 rotor:lengths  500 mm for the RSP500 and 1 m for the RSP1000.

How you benefit from Spare parts by CUTMETALL

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