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In this section you will find our spare parts and wear parts for models of the manufacturer brand Lindner Recyclingtech. To save you time, we have already assigned the matching, process-optimized CUTMETALL products to the Lindner models. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you quickly!

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What is Linder Recyclingtech?

Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH is an internationally active machine manufacturer based in Spittal / Drau in Austria. Established in 1948, the family business made a name for itself in shredding and recycling of waste materials. Over time a large range of products has been developed. Today, the company is an expert of recycling and high volume shredding machines for the recycling industry. The many different types of Lindner shredders and crushers allow for ideal recycling of plastics, wood and metal. For this purpose, the firm puts great emphasis on all-in-one-solutions. In combination with other components, Lindner shredders fully transform the input-material into the according end product.

The product portfolio of Linder Recyclingtech ranges from stationary and mobile equipment like shredders for waste management through to complete machine systems for plastics and waste wood recycling and the production of SRF/RDF fuels. The company also designs and executes large projects on request.

At the three modern production sites in Austria, Lindner Recyclingtech manufactures high-end shredders and system components that are used in over 70 countries worldwide like the USA, UK, Germany and many others. Those facilities are in full operation, and Lindner machinery is well known for fine technology, high performance and cost-efficiency.

In machines of Lindner Recyclingtech, waste materials are subjected to distinct break down processes. For instance, two Lindner shredders may be combined. A pre-shredder, e.g. Lindner Jupiter, carries out the first shredding resulting in homogenous output-material, which is then filtered by another part of the machine to extract extraneous substances. Lastly, a post-shredder (also called secondary shredder), e.g. Lindner Komet, is responsible for fine-shredding the material into the final recycling product.

System solutions by Lindner Recycling

System solutions by Lindner Recyclingtech are optimally customized to the individual materials. Paper, substitute fuel, wood, plastics or metal have different requirements for Lindner shredders. Accordingly, Lindner shredders come in many different variants – most of them stationary, some mobile.

The Lindner Range: Shredders for every input-material


The Lindner Jupiter single-shaft primary shredder combines everything you need for efficient 24/7 operation: a powerful countershaft drive, a well-engineered machine design and high manufacturing quality. Undefeated by non-shreddables, the tried-and-tested technology of the company ensures a long service life and low maintenance coupled with the necessary power to shred even the toughest materials – year after year and ton after ton.

The Lindner Atlas 5500 AS twin-shaft primary shredder is based on the proven belt concept and sets new efficiency standards with its high-performance planetary gears, innovative DEX (Dynamic Energy Exchange) energy recovery system and asynchronous shaft control. Delivering consistently high throughput, built for tough applications and equipped with the new FX fast exchange system, this shredder provides maximum uptimes and can be relied on to keep the line going.

Lindner Atlas 5500 SY: With its powerful electric belt drive and highly specialized cutting tools, Lindner's twin-shaft primary shredder can turn any wood no matter the size into material that is perfectly prepared for subsequent processes, incineration or the material recycling of waste wood. Built for tough applications and equipped with the new FX fast exchange system, the technology of this shredder provides maximum uptimes and can be relied on to keep the line going. And it achieves all that with minimal operating costs, astonishing throughputs and full flexibility.


The Lindner Komet range of shredders sets new standards in single-shaft shredding. Whether you are processing municipal or bulky refuse, industrial scrap or commercial waste, textiles, waste paper or other materials – the Komet ensures smooth processes 24/7 thanks to its robust design, high-precision tools and smart features. Benefit from its
first-rate particle quality and superb efficiency.

The Lindner Komet HP is synonymous with high performance in secondary shredding. With an output 60% higher than the standard Komet series and two additional knife rows, the shredder guarantees enormous production capacities. High-precision electronics in combination with particularly robust housing components ensure the machine’s enormous durability, even under the toughest conditions. And it produces consistently high-quality SRF – which is what the name Komet stands for.

The Lindner Komet PK: Set new standards with the Lindner Komet secondary shredder. Whether customers are processing municipal or bulky refuse, industrial or commercial waste, textiles, waste paper or other materials – this Komet ensures smooth processes at all times thanks to its robust design, high-precision tools as well as smart features. Benefit from high efficiency as well as first-class SRF/RDF and particle quality.


Lindner Polaris: Nothing can withstand the enormous power of the Lindner Polaris single-shaft shredder. Made for one-step processing of untreated municipal, industrial and commercial waste to obtain mid-calorific fuels (40 – 120 mm) ideal for co-incineration in calciners at cement works. Sturdy design and low operating costs are the hallmarks of this highly specialised shredder: enjoy uninterrupted shredding excellence 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With maximum efficiency throughout, as demonstrated  by a field test: thanks to the countershaft drive, the Linder Polaris shreds twice as much material as comparable machines in the same period of time.*
* Comparative testing at the Chair of Waste Processing and Waste Management, University of Leoben, May 2017


The Linder Universo series with its robust, high-quality engineering ensures a long service life with consistently high throughput rates. Whether you are shredding different
types of plastic or waste, with its heavy-duty gearbox drive and robust cutting
system there is no job that this shredder cannot handle. As has been proven
by thousands of operating hours in different fields of application.

The Lindner Micromat series of single-shaft shredders is the key to processing a wide range of plastics or other materials with maximum productivity. The winning combination of intelligent software, powerful drives and the new Lindner Multiplex rotor keeps the line continuously busy with the necessary material – all day and all night long.

The Micromat HP:  Powerful motors, high-speed direct belt drive and the new Multiplex rotor: this formula makes the single-shaft shredders of the Micromat HP series the benchmark for the one-step shredding of post-consumer or industrial film into extrudable flakes. The newly developed cutting system aggressively pulls in the input material to ensure consistently high throughput and precisely cut output material with maximum productivity.

Antares: With its robust design, easy maintenance access and enormous power, the Antares series combines all the advantages of a Lindner shredder in one compact machine.The wide range of sizes allows you to adapt the shredder to your specific downstream requirements. Enjoy seamless processing with consistent particle size.


Lindner Urraco 75: Flexible, powerful, economical. The Urraco 75 gives you all the advantages of mobile shredding while being extremely compact. This all-rounder shreds even difficult materials with its robust design and powerful engine. Depending on the degree of mobility needed, the machine is available in two chassis versions: either with a wheel axle and tow bar, suitable for hook-lift transport, or with heavy chain traveling gear for off-road mobility on site.

Urraco 95: Take mobile shredding to the extreme with the Linder Urraco 95. Thanks to its extremely powerful engine, long working length and aggressive intake, this twin-shaft shredder makes short work of almost every material. Enjoy an extremely reliable, cost-reducing machine with low wear and tear, easy maintenance and low energy consumption.

Miura: Full output in changing conditions, the Miura twin-shaft shredder excels in flexibility and mobility. The innovative FX-Unit (Fast Exchange) allows you to exchange the shafts in minimum time – ideal for quickly adapting the shredder to every material and application. The shredder comes with a tri-axle trailer, making it perfect for moving the machine between different sites swiftly and easily. You really will be going places with this mobile shredding technology.

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