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In this section you will find our spare parts and wear parts for various Rudnick & Enners models. You can get cutting crowns, counter knives, rotor knives, stator knives and chipper knives for a.o.

  • Rudnick & Enners TH 200/550/3 drum chipper

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Who is Rudnick & Enners?

Rudnick & Enners Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH from Alpenrod, Germany, can look back on more than 40 years of company history. Specialized in the development and manufacture of plants and individual components, in the field of sawmill technology, pelletising plants and recycling, Rudnick & Enners provides its customers with expert support in the planning of new plants, the conversion or expansion of their production lines. The company's success is the result of many years of trusting cooperation with its clients. Sustainable thinking and action, combined with a long-term goal orientation, form an important corporate basis. For example, the company uses sustainable green electricity from MANN Strom.


Rudnick & Enners GmbH introduced a quality management system in 1999 and received the certificate of the QGM Qualitäts- und Gütegesellschaft Mittelrhein mbH, according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

General quality objectives
The general quality objectives of Rudnick & Enners GmbH are based on the principle of continuous improvement of company organisation, company processes, products and services.

Review and adjustment of the quality targets
The general quality objectives and the quality programme are reviewed by the management within the scope of the annual evaluation with regard to their degree of fulfilment and, if necessary, adapted or changed.

The machines

Rudnick & Enners has been building shredding machines for a wide range of applications for more than 40 years. The machines are nationally and internationally renowned for performance and quality.

Drum chipper

The large product portfolio of Rudnick & Enners drum chippers ranges from sawmill disposal for the chipping of cross-cuts, slabs and splinters to large chipping stations in wood-based material plants - individually adapted to the customer's field of application. The portfolio contains 24 models and ranges from the small TH/N 130/420/3 with a chipping cross-section of 130 x 420 mm and an input capacity of 5 to 7 cubic metres of wood per hour to the large TH/N 1000/1650/15 with a chipping cross-section of 1,000 x 1,660 mm and an input capacity of 350 to 650 cubic metres of wood per hour.

Special advantages

The quick-change system
The counter blade can be removed quickly and easily at the side of the machine. The counter blade can be used and resharpened on several sides. The elevated post-chipping screen and the rigid blade bar ensure homogeneous wood chips.
Easy maintenance
The chopping knife can be easily replaced by lifting the blade clamping plates automatically. The chopping knives are adjusted outside the machine with a blade alignment fixture.

Twin Chipper

From logs / industrial wood to dryable chips in one machine. Due to an intelligent chipping concept, Rudnick & Enners Twin Chippers can be realised without an additional suction device. They process softwood and hardwood. Depending on the machine configuration, different chip sizes are possible. The products stand for an efficient shredding process.

In addition, Rudnick & Enners Twin Chippers offer the possibility to produce either high-quality chips or shavings. With the innovative system of a multi-stage chipper, logs, slabs or splinters can be chipped directly to a grain size suitable for drying or pelletising.

The Twin Chipper portfolio includes five models from the RE-TC 300 x 500 (input height 300mm, input width 500 mm) to the RE-TC 600 x 1,500 (input height 600 mm, input width 1,500 mm).

Hammer mill (wet chip mills)
Rudnick & Enners wet chip mills are designed for the wet grinding of wood chips or "lumpy" biomass. The raw material can be ground to a grain size suitable for drying and briquetting. The required particle size range for the production of pallet blocks can also be manufactured individually.

Due to an intelligent interaction of impact and impact crushing, Rudnick & Enners wet chip mills can be realised without an additional suction device. On customer request, direct grinding to pelletisable chip structures is also possible - from wood chips to pelletisable chips in one grinding stage.
Rudnick & Enners wet chip mills can achieve output capacities of up to 140 srm/h, depending on the application, motorisation, wood species and moisture content, and offer an economic and high-performance option for the grinding of your sawmill by-products.
Due to the drying-optimised fibre structure of Rudnick & Enners wet chip mills, additional energetic efficiency advantages can be generated, for example in connection with the Rudnick & Enners compact belt dryer.

Hammer mill (dry chip mills)

Rudnick & Enners dry chip mills are designed for the grinding of pre-dried wood shavings, sawdust and wood chips to an agglomeratable particle size. They form a high-performance component for pelletising or briquetting plants.
The required particle size range for the production of pallet blocks can also be manufactured individually. Due to an intelligent interaction of impact and impact crushing, Rudnick & Enners dry chip mills can produce throughputs of 10 t atro/h up to 26 t atro/h, depending on the input grain size, wood type and moisture content. Individual ATEX and recuperation solutions complete the product portfolio in the field of dry chip mills.

Residual material recycler
With the Rudnick & Enners residue recycler, the shredding of production residues becomes an economically reasonable solution, for example to create storage space, to reduce transport volumes and to generate new raw materials.
By means of a hydraulic pusher, the material is fed from the feed hopper to the rotor. The Rudnick & Enners control system automatically adjusts the speed of the pusher as well as the contact pressure to the rotor in order to always achieve an optimum utilisation of the machine.

The residual material recyclers are suitable for
  • packaging waste
  • cross-cut pieces / cross-cut discs
  • pallets
  • production waste
  • plastic containers
  • chipboard
  • laminate
  • MDF or OSB board residues

Rudnick & Enners waste recyclers are characterised by their wide range of applications for the most different materials as well as their high ease of maintenance. Different sizes and capacities as well as individually adapted feed hoppers and customised rotor designs guarantee an optimal solution for all fields of application.
Depending on the input material, the feed material can be used thermally as a high-quality fuel. Alternatively, the residual material recyclers can be combined with Rudnick & Enners' comprehensive product range to form complete, fully automatic processing systems.
Bark mill
Due to its robust and modular design, the Rudnick & Enners bark mill can be used for various applications:
  • Size reduction of bark for thermal utilisation as fuel
  • Size reduction of bark for the production of bark mulch or bark litter
  • Preparation of bark for further processing into bark briquettes
  • Processing of pre-shredded waste wood for thermal utilisation (with machine in waste wood version

The bark mill is characterised by its robustness and grain size flexibility due to its design (without an additional resizing screen) and the vertical rotor arrangement. Depending on the type of wood, grain size, motorisation and input moisture, throughput rates of up to 150 srm/h are possible.
In addition to a wide variety of softwood barks such as fir, spruce, larch and Douglas fir, the bark mill can also be used in hardwood applications, for example downstream of a debarking machine. In combination with Rudnick & Enners drum and star screens, the bark can be separated into different fractions and thus individually adapted to the needs of the respective customers.
The portfolio includes four models with a grinding tunnel diameter of 1,000 mm (the RE-RMV-1000) to 2,000 mm (RE-RMV-2000).

Based on the technology of the slow-running twin-shaft system type RE-SRV, which has proven itself in practice many times, these primary shredders are characterised by a maximum of flexibility and performance. They can be used for a wide variety of applications such as rootstocks, waste wood, demolition wood, various types of biofuel and much more. Due to the hydraulic lifting table, the feed cross-section of the machine as well as the feed volume can be significantly increased again.
The feed material of the Rudnick & Enners pre-shredder can be used as fuel for thermal recycling or, in combination with further processing steps, be extended to a complete fully automatic plant concept.

Advantages of the Rudnick & Enners primary shredder
  • High ease of maintenance
  • Wide range of applications
  • Increased feed volume due to hydraulic lifting table
  • Insensitivity to foreign bodies
  • High performance in quality and throughput
  • Low-noise drive technology
  • Low dust generation / low wear

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