Spare parts from CUTMETALL

Do you have a Guidetti shredder? Then we have the right spare parts for you, such as rotor knives, stator knives, sieve plates and other wear parts suitable for the following Guidetti model series, among others:

  • Guidetti PMG model series

  • Guidetti Sincro | Guidetti syncho model series

» Further information about Guidetti in the following.

Who is Guidetti Recycling Systems

The story of Guidetti Recycling Systems began in the mid-1980s in a small hall in Renazzo, Italy. There, Mauro Guidetti developed his first prototype of a machine capable of separating a wide range of materials and scrap products.

Today, the portfolio of the internationally active company includes 50 different models. Guidetti has sold over 3,000 recycling systems worldwide and reports annual sales of around 12 million euros. The manufacturer invests a good 20 percent of this in research and development.

The product range of Guidetti Recycling Systems includes  


Eko series

The series of ultra-compact granulators SINCRO EKO for the recycling of copper and aluminum cables includes four models with variable capacity between 50 and 400 kg/h. The redesign of the machines resulted in considerable cost savings while maintaining quality. Due to the ease of operation and maintenance and the comprehensive technical documentation, the operator is able to learn the operation independently.

The SINCRO EKO series offers top values in terms of power consumption and maintenance costs per kg of recovered metal. Due to the totality of these characteristics, the SINCRO EKO series allows the buyer to obtain a return on investment in only a short time.
  • With manual and automatic feeding
  • Easy maintenance
  • Single phase design
  • Rotary valve

Sincro Mill series

The new compact series of granulators for cables SINCRO MILL allows the simultaneous processing of cables with rigid and flexible copper, without prior sorting and maintaining the easy maintenance typical of Guidetti machines. Despite the very small dimensions and a low power consumption, a complete process takes place inside the machine thanks to the interaction of a granulator with knife, a zigzag separator, a turbine and a dry separation table. Metals of considerable thickness such as plugs, connectors and rigid copper cable are separated by the zig-zag separator, while the thinner cables are further crushed in the turbo to optimize the quality of the separation and minimize loss.
The series can be combined with the line of Guidetti PMG pre-shredders
  • With manual and automatic feeding
  • In compliance with EC directives
  • Prepared for combination with auxiliary devices
  • Control panel with programmable PLC
  • Easy maintenance

Wire Pro series


The versatile and compact multifunctional system for recycling all kinds of cables, from radiators to aluminum cans.
  • No emission of pollutants into the environment.
  • Soundproof (the most soundproof machine in the industry).
  • Lower power consumption per ton of cable processed.
  • Compact (small footprint).
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Innovative (it is equipped with a carriage to extend the mill for easy maintenance).

Sincro series

The SINCRO series of compact granulators has been designed for the recycling of copper and aluminum power cables and radiators. Thanks to the granulation and the subsequent separation, it is possible to obtain clean copper or aluminum from cables and, in the case of radiators, to completely separate copper from aluminum. The granulator can be fed manually or automatically, depending on the requirements, by means of a conveyor belt system.

Available in three models with variable capacity between 150 and 1100 kg/h.
Due to the easy operation and maintenance and the comprehensive technical documentation, the operator is able to learn the operation on his own.
The SINCRO series offers top values in terms of power consumption and maintenance costs per kg of recovered metal.
The series can be combined with the line of Guidetti PMG pre-shredders
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Low power consumption
  • High performances
  • Perfect result
  • Compliant with EC directives

Reco Mill series

The company, continuously researching new solutions, has developed a system that fully recovers copper in the recycling processes for power cables. Metal loss in plastic is no longer a problem!
  • Easy maintenance
  • In compliance with EC directives

PMG Series


These robust and powerful pre-shredders perfectly prepare the material for subsequent processing, are versatile and compact, can be arranged in combination with the conveyor belt with magnetic pulley and have a first-class quality/price ratio.

  • Soundproof hydraulic control
  • Hydrodynamic clutch to optimize the performances
  • Easily replaceable blade holder of high resistance



Weee Series - Car Fluff (ASR)

The compact system starts from a throughput of 500 kg/h. The W.E.E. System / CAR FLUFF System (ASR) is designed for the recovery of metals from electrical and electronic waste. It is also suitable for the ecological recycling of rejects from the granulation of vehicles (ASR). Compact and innovative, the system represents a significant step in reducing environmental pollution due to the recovery and recycling of raw materials.

Category of products to be processed
  • R2: washing machine, dishwasher, ovens, hoods, hobs, etc.
  • R3: Appliances up to a size of 40 cm such as TV and screens (with cathode ray tubes, LCD or plasma).
  • R4: Small household appliances up to a size of 20 cm such as consumer electronics, lights (electric boards, printers, notebooks, telephones, etc.).
  • Car-Fluff: These are the rejects that cannot be recovered by conventional processes of scrapping and shredding vehicles.


Caesar line

The CAESAR series stone crushers have been designed for granulating non-combustible mineral (= inert) materials. They are suitable for use in urban construction sites where space is limited. They are autonomous and require only one operator. They are equipped with crawler tracks and radio control. They recycle the inert material directly, avoiding transportation costs. In addition, due to low operating costs, they also reduce management costs and avoid landfill costs.


How you benefit from Spare parts by CUTMETALL

CUTMETALL products: More than a spare part! Tuning for your machine!

Our spare parts and wear parts are not original equipment manufacturer items (original parts of the machine manufacturers) but rather process-optimized CUTMETALL own brands: A perfect fit. Durable. Economical.

CUTMETALL - partner, problem solver, and process optimizer for the recycling and shredding industries.