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We provide our customers with customized solutions for their area of application, with which you can optimize your entire recycling process and thus work more economically efficiently. We claim that our customers experience longer service lives, less downtime and thus enormous time savings thanks to the supplied CUTMETALL quality. In doing so, we place our focus on the entirety of the recycling process and at all times, in cooperation with our customers, we try to respond to prevailing circumstances, special requirements and needs and to deliver coordinated solutions and concepts.

We rely on our experience, our expertise and our know-how, which we can offer our customers directly and completely from our company. From development to testing and control to the production of all components - we guarantee everything from a single source.

The long-term load and the extremely high wear in the machines represent the biggest challenge for the companies in Tyre recycling. The wire, which is separated from the tires, causes great damage and high wear on the machines and components. The constant change of the wear parts is therefore inevitable in order to guarantee a high-quality output material.
Typical problems
The high downtime due to the frequent change of components and the resulting reduced throughput are major and typical problems in the area of tyre recycling. Since a large part of the material from tyre recycling is used for example for riding place assignments or washing machine mats, the output must be optimized for the customer. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to suitable material at the pre-crusher so that the quality can be provided.
Advantages of CUTMETALL products
We also provide the right solutions for the high demands in tyre recycling. So that the customer can always deliver the correct output, we provide the appropriate configurations with optimized and very fine perforations. With newly developed screws and knife holders, which are considerably more resistant, we guarantee a higher life time and more throughput. Due to optimised material, the downtime can also be kept much lower, since the change and maintenance of the components is easier and quicker to perform.
Industry information
Recycling of scrap tires is a particularly important role. While good used tires are often exported for reuse, scrap tires that are useless are released for recycling. Special requirements and requirements must be observed here. In addition to the obvious components such as the outer casing of rubber and the interior construction of wire, tyres, for example, also consist of chemicals such as sulfur. These substances must of course be professionally and specially prepared in order to be used for recycling.
The extracted rubber granulate, which is passed on to customers after the recycling process, delivers the perfect heating material with an enormously high calorific value of 9.0 kwh/kg, since it can be converted into energy completely pollutant-free at temperatures above 1000 °c.
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